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Character Profile: Johann Faust VIII

USA Info
Japanese Info
Johann Faust VIII Johann Faust VIII(ふぁうすと VIII) Johann Faust VIII (Shaman King)
Human Human
Male Male
33 years old(born April 8, 1966) 33 years old(born April 8, 1966)
Light yellow Light yellow
Electric blue Electric blue
About 5'11" About 180 cm
Type A Type A
Necromancer, Shaman Necromancer, Shaman
"Yoh's predictable as a dog! You throw him a bone, and he chews it!"  
Sam Regal Takehito Koyasu(武人 子安)
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Johann Faust VIII

Faust VIII is an insane shaman from Germany. He's the descendant of Faust, a man who traded his soul to the devil in the 1500's for the knowledge of nercomancy. His family kept the notes, though wouldn't dare use them. Faust was no exeception, at first anyways. He was a medical doctor until his nurse/wife Elisa was murdered. Faust soon lost his mind as a result and decided to use his ancestor's findings to find a means to bring his love from the grave, via immoral means like using the lifeforce of others.

Faust came to Japan to particpate in the Shaman fight, using his furiyoku-charged skeletons to wipe out the competion, and usually killing the opponent in the process. Despite his insanity, he's very charming and cool, usually being very cheerful and courteous to start, but when he gets mad at the mention of his 'vain attempts to revive Elisa', he'll show no mercy. He almost killed Yoh, but Len stopped him. Faust would reappear later for the next round of Shaman fighting.

After Faust won the fight with Yoh (which almost killed Yoh in the process), he ends up joining up with Yoh and helps in the fight against Zeke.

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