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Character Profile: Nadeshiko Fujisaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nagehiko FujisakiNagehiko FujisakiNadeshiko Fujisaki (Shugo Chara)
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Nagihiko Fujisaki (alternate spelling)Nagihiko Fujisaki (alternate spelling)
Nadeshiko FujisakiNadeshiko Fujisaki
Male (see below)Male (see below)
11-12 years old (at debut) (born July 4)11-12 years old (at debut) (born July 4)
Dark PurpleDark Purple
Type ABType AB
Queen, Interim JackQueen, Interim Jack
"Oh my, you are a scaredy cat!" (to Amu)"Oh my, you are a scaredy cat!" (to Amu)
Saeko Chiba
Episode 1Episode 1
Shugo CharaShugo Chara

Character Description: Nadeshiko Fujisaki

Nadeshiko Fujisaki is the holder of the Queen's Chair at Seiyo Academy. He (yes, Fujisaki's a guy) is in the fifth grade. His Shugo Chara is named Temari. Temari triggers a Chara Change by saying "Chin Ton Shan!". Nadeshiko becomes violent, speaks with Hiroshima slang and wields a naginata.

It is revealed in the manga and anime that Nadeshiko is a boy and his real name is Nagehiko. It is tradition in his clan that males are trained in oyama, (Japanese theatre) to play female roles. This is why he wears women's clothes and goes by a female name. In Chapter 26, the first King, Tadase, and Kukai decide Fujisaki will be the interim Jack's Chair because the former Jack, Kairi, returned to his previous school. They are the first other than Fujisaki's family to know he is a boy. In episode 25, Fujisaki's family decides to send him to England to complete his study of dance.

Nadeshiko Fujisaki (Shugo Chara)

Character Description: Nadeshiko Fujisaki

Fujisaki Nadeshiko is the former Queen of the guardians. He is now the new Jack's chair after Kukai graduated and another former Jack, Kairi, went back to his hometown. In episode 25, it is revealed that Fujisaki's real name is Fujisaki Nagehiko and he is a male. It was also revealed that in the Fujisaki household, it is tradition that males who are born in this household are trained to be raised as females because of their dance training. In the same episode, Nagehiko had to go to England to learn more about dance.

In episode 56, Nagehiko first comes back a girl. He then meets up with Tadase and Kukai. Nagehiko asks the two to wait while he changes. He comes back in a Seiyo Academy boy's uniform. Kukai asks why Nagehiko is in a boy's uniform and Nagehiko explains to him that he is really a guy and his real name is Fugisaki Nagehiko.

Now, only the Fujisaki household, the founding king, Tadase and Kukai know that Nadeshiko is truly a guy.

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