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Character Profile: Vector the Crocodile

USA Info
Japanese Info
Vector the CrocodileVector the Crocodile (Sonic X)
20 years old20 years old
Green scalesGreen scales
Chaotics WorkerChaotics Worker
"Get out of my face!"
Jimmy ZoppiKenta Miyake
Sonic XSonic X

Character Description: Vector the Crocodile

Vector is a friend of Knuckles, Espio, and Charmy. He is a hard-headed guy that is almost as foolish as Knuckles. His friend Charmy reminds him of his manners as much as he does with Espio. Vector doesn't mind using them as long as they don't annoy him.

He has strong muscles and some good speed, but Sonic is still faster and Knuckles is still more muscular. His attitude is almost as bad as Espio.

Vector is what is called a swingin' croc. He loves music (his earphones are one of his weapons), food, and just hanging out with Espio and Charmy. He is very strong and can face down any adversary. While his smile may seem nice, he's actually concealing many sharp teeth! Vector is one strange but lovable guy, there's no doubting that.

Character Description: Vector the Crocodile

Vector is a croc who likes to listen to his headphones, but what he really likes is being in charge of his own detective agency. He is hired by Vanilla (Cream the Rabbit's mom) to find Cream, and Vector thinks Sonic kidnapped Cream. He and Sonic become fast friends, but he is jealous that Sonic is a famous hero and lives with a rich kid like Chris.

In season 3, Vector, Espio, and Charmy were hired by Vanilla to check up on Cream in space. Now, Vector thought Vanilla meant to bring Cream back so he tries to tell Cream to go back home, but she told him no.

You saw it coming! The Chaotix took Cream away and her chao Cheese and Cosmo. By then Sonic was rescued by Knuckles, and Amy reported that Vector took Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo. So Sonic enters the ship and starts fighting. After Chris convinces them to stop the fighting, Vector explains everything. After Charmy takes a picture of Cream which is sent to her mom, the Chaotix go back to Mobius.

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