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Mashisu MakibiMashisu MakibiMashisu Makibi (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
Mashisu KuramitsuMashisu Kuramitsu
23 years old23 years old
Second-in-command of the Choubimaru, later commander of the ChoubimaruSecond-in-command of the Choubimaru, later commander of the Choubimaru
Lara Cody (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
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Kari Wahlgren (credited as Renee Emerson, Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter)Keiko Onodera
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-OhkiTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
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Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Mashisu Makibi

Mashisu Makibi (not to be confused with Kiyone Makibi) was just a young girl when she had her first encounter with Misao Kuramitsu. Misao had accidentally hit a tennis ball at Mashisu. Thinking that he did it deliberately, Mashisu had given the boy a powerful sleeper hold. But later on, Mashisu met Misao's family. Although it was a friendly visit, Misao's older sister, Mihoshi, seemed a little jealous of Mashisu.

Years later, Mashisu became second-in-command of the Choubimaru, the powerful planet-destroying ship owned by the Kuramitsu family. Misao was given command of the ship by his grandfather Minami and was sent to Earth to rescue Mihoshi from Tenchi, who (because of an altered letter by Z from Mihoshi) was presumably being abused by him. Now Mashisu knew that the orders from Minami included the destruction of the Earth as one of the methods to use to rescue Mihoshi, and she knew that Earth was not in a position of defending itself. She then came up with a plan to rescue Misao from himself... by arranging the destruction of the Choubimaru and having the blame placed on Ryoko Hakubi's shoulders. To do that, Mashisu, along with three others ... Fujimasa, Sorunaru and Baguma... to capture Ryoko, Ayeka, and Washu, with Mashisu capturing Sasami.

However, the attempt fell short of expectations ... Sorunaru's attack of Ryoko with a huge mecha had ended in defeat. Fujimasa tried to capture Ayeka with three mecha-panthers, but Ryo-Ohki had foiled that plan, with the mecha-panthers frightened silly of the little cabbit. And Washu used a big mallet to beat Baguma. Which left Mashisu to capture Sasami.

Mashisu tried to use an energy whip to subdue Sasami, but the young girl evaded her attacks, which led her to draw her gun at her. It was this part that Sasami had found out that Mashisu was in love with Misao and challenged Mashisu to a fair fight. Perplexed, Mashisu agreed and put aside her gun and fought Sasami, who used a battle staff formed from her right hair tie and defeated Mashisu.

During all this, the Choubimaru was being attacked by Ryoko, on the belief that Tenchi was on board (Tenchi was actually on board the ship of Seto Kamiki Jurai, along with the rest of the Masaki clan and Mashisu's henchmen, enjoying a party on board). On the bridge, Misao was surprised by Mashisu, which Washu beamed on board to beg him to abandon ship. Misao refused, but was brought back to his senses by a slap from Mashisu. Finally admitting that the situation was his fault, Misao chose to stay on board. Then an explosion on board injures Mashisu severely, and before slipping into unconsciousness told Misao she loved him. Thinking she was dying, Misao held Mashisu in his arms when Washu came over the ship's speakers, asking if he wanted to save Mashisu. When finally admitting his love for Mashisu, both Misao and Mashisu found themselves on board Seto's ship ... unharmed. It seemed the attack on the Choubimaru was simulated, and the most damage the ship got was graffiti blasted on the hull by Ryoko.

After the mess was over (and after Tenchi's battle with Z), Misao, Mashisu and Minami were brought before Minami's sister Mikami to face punishment. Mashisu received the least severe punishment of the three: ten months of cleaning toilets. But then Misao went before Mashisu and proposed marriage to her. Minami objected, calling Mashisu unworthy of marrying into the Kuramitsu family. Seto then arranged to adopt Mashisu, so that she could be worthy of marrying Misao. Mikami accepted this arrangement but Minami continued to object, saying the Kuramitsu family counsel would never agree to such an arrangement. Then Misao's (and Mihoshi's) mother Mitoto came forward, giving her blessing to the union and telling her father Minami that she already went before the family counsel, which gave their approval. Minami, who was removed from his post as marshall of the Galaxy Police, didn't take the news well.

Mashisu ended up marrying Misao in the end. Now named Mashisu Kuramitsu, she was given command of the Choubimaru after her punishment was up. Her help was instrumental when Fuku had taken the Kamidake II to run away and head to Earth. When the Choubimaru caught up with the ship, it was being attacked by pirates of the Daluma Guild, and Fuku was frightened to the point of crying, which gotten Mashisu mad at the pirates. She then turned the Choubimaru's weapons on the pirates, and with a little help from Fuku's big sister Ryo-Ohki, chased the pirates away.

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