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Seto KamikiSeto KamikiSeto Kamiki (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
Seto Kamiki JuraiSeto Kamiki Jurai
· · ·
"The Devil Princess"
Over 10,000 years oldOver 10,000 years old
Light greenLight green
Blue (later red)Blue (later red)
5'1"155 cm
118 lbs53.5 kg
Queen Mother of JuraiQueen Mother of Jurai
Melora Harte (OVA & GXP)Yukari Nozawa
Episode 17: "Here Come Misao on the Choubimaru" (OVA)Episode 17: "Here Come Misao on the Choubimaru" (OVA)
· · ·
Episode 3: "The Devil Princess of Jurai" (GXP)Episode 3: "The Devil Princess of Jurai" (GXP)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-OhkiTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
· · ·
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Seto Kamiki

The mother of Empress Misaki and the grandmother of Ayeka and Sasami, Seto was found as a six year old girl on planet K1190 during a pirate attack, coincidently the same place where Naja Akara was last sighted (she was proclaimed dead, but her body was NEVER found). It was soon afterward she was adopted by Ushio, head of the Kamiki clan of Jurai's royal family, after he recognized her superhuman talents. Later, she was married to Utsutsumi, who succeeded Ushio as the clan's head.

By nature, Seto is a kind person, but with a very short temper. She is also superhumanly strong, which can be very terrifying... especially to space pirates, whom she's made it her life's mission to rid the galaxy of. Aboard her treeship Mikagami, and aided by Airi and Yosho Masaki's eldest daughter Minaho (the sister of Kiyone Achika Masaki, Tenchi's mother), Seto hunts down this galactic scourge, using a variety of weapons, the most significant of these is the "Triple-Z" immobilizer, which paralyzes fleets of ships in their tracks. The greatest example of this was when she had immobilized an entire fleet of pirate ships, which were lured in one spot by the ship that was transporting Seina Yamada to the Galaxy Police Academy, with Seina giving random jump coordinates to the ship... mostly because of his chronic bad luck. The only ship that avoided the trap was the one captained by Ryoko Balta.

After the battle, Seto had informed Seina that because he was not obligated to join the G.P., because the Earth was a technologically inferior world, he would have the option of returning to Earth (after an obligatory mind-wipe, that is.) Seina declined the offer, and Seto then offered to help in getting him enrolled in the Academy, mostly because Seto thought that the G.P. could use a little bit of chaos to shake it up a bit.

Seto is also known for arranging marriages among the gentry of Jurai society, not to mention other societies. Among one of the families she tried to help was the Kaunaq family, who was trying to marry off their supermodel daughter Amane. Sadly for the Kaunaq family, most of the suitors that Seto had matched were either frightened off by Amane's temper, or injured by her. Amane Kaunaq later enrolled in the G.P. Academy, mostly to spite her father, who still thinks of her as 'his little girl'. Minaho has resisted Seto's attempts to have her married off.

Seto also has an adopted daughter, Noike, who lived with Seto for a time, then lived with Tenchi and the others on Earth.

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