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Seina YamadaSeina Yamada (西南 山田)Seina Yamada (Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter)
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Lorelei (by the Daluma Pirate Guild)
15 years old15 years old
Tony Oliver (credited as Raphael Antonio)Shigeru Mogi
Episode 1: "Seize the Day"Episode 1: "Seize the Day"
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Seina Yamada

Seina Yamada has a lot of luck... all bad! In fact, Seina has so much bad luck that he has enough to share... and usually does, whatever he wants to or not. Things have been known to break whenever he's around, and he himself has had so many injuries that his family usually struggles with his frequent hospital stays.

Things, however, began to change for Seina. One day, while on his way to his childhood friends Kiriko and Kai Masaki, his bicycle had a flat. Oddly enough, it was near the home of one of his other friends, Tenchi Masaki. As he was gathering water from the lake, something crashed into it, washing Seina into it. When he came to, he was lying on the dock of the Masaki home (no one was home at the time). His savior: Galaxy Police Detective Second Class Amane Kaunaq. Mistakenly believing that Tenchi was training Seina, Amane then offered Seina an application to the Galaxy Police, despite regulations prohibiting enlistment of citizens of Earth.

After visiting Kiriko, Seina was riding his repaired bicycle home (her brother Kai frequently repairs his bikes) when he saw a startling sight... a woman flying in the air! (It was Ryoko Hakubi flying home with a load of sake.) When he got home, his family had persuaded him to fill out the application, with the hope that Seina would win a prize as a result.

Seina later had bathed and retired to bed. As he was sleeping, he could feel someone petting his head. When he woke up, he had a rude surprise: he found out that he was onboard a G.P. transport vessel bound for the G.P. Academy. The person petting his head was none other than Mitoto Kuramitsu, the daughter of the Galaxy Police's marshall (as well as the mother of Mihoshi.) At first resistant, Seina accepted his fate, looking forward to great adventure. It wasn't far in coming. During the trip he had a run-in with space pirates, who were captured by Seto Kamiki, a.k.a. the "Devil Princess," not to mention later on meeting the beautiful and popular space pirate Ryoko Balta, who happened to take a liking to Seina.

He had further surprises when he arrived at the Academy. Not only he met once again Amane, but discovered that Kiriko was a member of the G.P. herself. He also had the misfortune to have as an instructor the xenophobic and arrogant Seiryou Tennan. Seina's adventures in space have only just begun.

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