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Ryoko BaltaRyoko BaltaRyoko Balta (Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter)
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Ryoko Balouta (alternate spelling)Ryoko Balouta (alternate spelling)
Humanoid (normal), Wau (as Erma)Humanoid (normal), Wau (as Erma)
Space pirate, later Galaxy PolicewomanSpace pirate, later Galaxy Policewoman
Barbara Goodson (Ryoko Balta)Aya Hisakawa (Ryoko Balta)
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Rebecca Forstadt (credited as Reba West) (Erma)Nina Kumagaya (Erma)
Episode 2: "Invasion"Episode 2: "Invasion"
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Episode 4: "True Love, Truly Painful" (as Erma)Episode 4: "True Love, Truly Painful" (as Erma)
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Ryoko Balta

Although she had taken her name from Ryoko Hakubi, who had attacked Jurai seven hundred years prior, Ryoko Balta is hardly the bloodthirsty pirate that she is profiled as. The most successful pirate in the Daluma Guild, Ryoko is also the most cultured. She well versed in many rituals, including the Japanese Tea Ceremony. She is also an excellent cook.

Ryoko is also very popular among the male members of the Galaxy Police... but not to capture her. In fact, it is rumored that there are many "Ryoko Balta Fan Clubs" in Galaxy Police posts. Three of the most rabid of these fans are Alan, Barry, and Cohen, who meet her when the ship transporting Seina Yamada to the G.P. Academy was attacked by her. She was quite taken by the young boy, and refused to have him included in the Guild's database of enemies.

Ryoko Balta also has other talents. She is a shape-shifter, and has used this talent to infiltrate Airi Masaki's office as Erma, a Wau assistant to her. Airi, however, found out early that Erma was really Ryoko Balta, but needed more evidence.

Erma As Erma, Ryoko lived with Seina, along with Amane Kaunaq and Kiriko Masaki at Amane's home at the Academy. During that time, she found herself falling in love with Seina. But soon, things began to change.

While still a cadet, Seina was given command of the Kamidake, a new Galaxy Police ship in their Decoy fleet. Because of Seina's uncanny ability to attract pirates (his bad luck), the Daluma Guild was finding its ships being captured by Seina. One of the guild, Terrant Shank, still seething from being injured by Seina in an encounter before the young cadet gained command, had kidnapped the families of Ryoko's crew, and threatened to kill them unless Ryoko killed Seina. Using her disguise of Erma, Ryoko had followed Seina during a shopping trip at the Academy. When the time was right, she faced Seina and told him straight on she had to kill him, despite how she felt.

However, Seina had given her a gift that he had shopped for that day... a simple star pendent. Overcome with guilt, Ryoko had dropped her disguise and told Seina what had happened. She then turned the gun she planned to use on Seina on herself, but Amane and Kiriko, who was trailing Seina and Erma, had barged in, stopping her. It was then that Airi had made the capture. The families of her crew, of course, were safe. What had happened was one of the Guild, Kyo Komachi, a pirate who weeks before warned Seina of Terrant Shank, had formulated a plan in which the kidnapped Seriyou Tennan had caused a distraction, which allowed the families to escape, along with a third generation Jurai royal tree seed, what the Guild referred to as "the Original J."

Capture, however, turned out to have been a blessing for Ryoko Balta. As per procedure, her genetic profile was taken as part of her booking. When it was analyzed, it was discovered, with a little help from Seto Kamiki Jurai, that some of her information was hidden. It turned out that Ryoko was in fact the last child of the Balta family, who had established a home on a planet that was one year away from joining the Galactic Union as a monarchy. This made Ryoko a princess and heir to the throne. When this information was given to Airi, she made the hasty decision to have Ryoko join the Galaxy Police. She agreed, as long as she would serve Seina.

After the Kamidake was transported to Jurai, Ryoko was told of her heritage and united with her grandfather, ruler of the Balta Guild. He had invited her to return to him, but she kindly refused, preferring to stay with Seina. Although Seto, who had arranged the meeting, was not pleased with her decision, she abided by it. Ryoko then accompanied Seina, Amane, Kiriko, and the Melmas high priestess Neju aboard the new Kamidake II, a battleship constructed from the remains of the original by Washu Hakubi.

Note: In the subtitled version of the anime, Ryoko's last name is spelled Balouta, however in the English dubbed version, her name is spelled Balta.

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