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Kyo KomachiKyo KomachiKyo Komachi (Tenchi Muyo! GXP:  Galaxy Police Transporter)
Late 20'sLate 20's
125 lbs56.7 kg
Space Pirate, Daluma GuildSpace Pirate, Daluma Guild
Jessica GeeRomi Park
Episode 9: "A Stormy Voyage"Episode 9: "A Stormy Voyage"
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Kyo Komachi

Despite being one of the pirates of the dreaded Daluma Guild, Kyo Komachi possesses a trait unusual to pirates - a sense of honor. This trait was shown when she attacked a Galaxy Police transport on a training mission. When her boarding pod had breached the ship, it had caused the fire suppression system to malfunction. This malfunction became apparent when the commander of the ship, Seriyou Tennan, challenged her to a lightsaber duel. Somehow, the extinguishers were attracted to laser energy and trapped them in fire retardant gel. Somehow, the gel also trapped a G.P. cadet - Seina Yamada - as well. Outraged at seeing such a young person in a combat situation, Komachi then railed at Seriyou for allowing cadets on G.P. ships. But with the compartment quickly filling with retardant gel, there was little time to argue. That was when Komachi witnessed Seina free himself from his gel prison with a pocket knife and deactivated the fire suppression system.

Impressed by Seina's ingenuity, Komachi asked him his name. When she heard it, she then warned Seina to watch out for another pirate - Terrant Shank. After which, her fellows then rescued her and taken Seriyou prisoner. Then the pirates departed.

Komachi's help was also there when Shank had kidnapped the families of the crew of her friend Ryoko Balta. Incensed by Shank's cruelty, she formulated a plan which Seriyou was freed from his cell, and covertly returning his lightsaber. While Seriyou fought the guards and the Guild distracted, Komachi and her crew freed the families, whose escape with a third-generation Jurai tree seed was broadcast with General Daluma listening, disgracing Shank publicly. Of course, Komachi made arrangements with Galaxy Police Chairwoman Airi Masaki to have Ryoko Balta's crew freed, who was captured when she was captured, as payment for saving the families (Ryoko Balta and her crew later saved Seina as a result of this).

Komachi and Seriyou would cross paths later when General Daluma had placed Seriyou in command of the Unko, the latest of Daluma's "Good Luck" fleet, to counter the bad luck of Seina and the Kamidake II, who was destroying and capturing much of the Guild's ships. Komachi was placed as second-in-command, where she had to endure Seriyou's lame-brained, yet somewhat successful command style, which had often fought the Kamidake II to a draw. This only ended after the Guild was finally defeated and incorporated into the Balta Guild, and Seriyou lost a one-on-one match with Seina (the Unko was lost when three of it's crew, Alan, Barry and Cohen, used the ship as collateral to bet for Seriyou).

Happily though, it was on the event of Seina's wedding to Amane, Kiriko, Ryoko Balta and Neju, when Seriyou, whose family was hosting the wedding from it's chapel behind Earth's moon, proposed to Komachi, for which she accepted.

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