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Amane KaunaqAmane KaunaqAmane Kaunaq (Tenchi Muyo! GXP:  Galaxy Police Transporter)
"The Zero Goddess" (at least until after episode 11)
24 years old24 years old
Instructor, Galaxy PoliceInstructor, Galaxy Police
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (a.k.a Dorothy Melendrez) (credited as Annie Pastrano)Mariko Suzuki
Episode 1: "Seize the Day"Episode 1: "Seize the Day"
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Amane Kaunaq

Amane Kaunaq was originally a supermodel with her family's design house. However, she chaffed being known as "Daddy's Little Girl". She also had to suffer the many suitors that the Kaunaq's friend, Seto Kamiki Jurai, kept sending her way, not to mention many romantic overtures by Seiryo Tennan. But main of them were either scared away from her temper, or (especially with Seiryo) injured by the physical beatings she gave them.

Finally deciding to spite her father, Amane quit the modeling business and enrolled in the Galaxy Police. She quickly rose among the ranks and was in line to be promoted to Detective First Class. But all that came crashing down when, on a mission to see Tenchi Masaki (and to visit with her childhood friend Mihoshi), she nearly lands her ship on top of Seina Yamada. Thinking that Tenchi was training him (the Masaki house was empty at the time), she had given Seina an application to the Galaxy Police Academy, even though Earth citizens could not apply because Earth was technologically inferior.

It was later when Mikami Kuramitsu, the older sister of the Galaxy Police's marshal Minami and headmistress of the Academy, informed Amane of her blunder. And even though she allowed Seina's application, Mikami delayed Amane's promotion and assigned her to the Academy as an instructor, along with Kiriko Masaki.

As to her feelings towards Seina, Amane is closer to Ryoko Hakubi: she is unapologetically honest about her feelings and openly tries to flirt with Seina, much to Kiriko and Erma's (who was really Ryoko Balta) chagrin. After Seina had his body modified for G.P. duty, Amane allowed him to stay at her summer home (but she also had to share it with Kiriko and Erma).

Later, when the Galaxy Police decided to take advantage of Seina's uncanny knack of attracting space pirates (his bad luck), Amane, along with Kiriko, were assigned aboard the G.P.'s newest ship - the decoy ship Kamidake, with Seina in command. And later still, when the Kamidake suffered fatal damage after an assault by the space pirate Terrant Shank, the three (and the reformed Ryoko Balta) became the stewards of the Kamidake II, a battleship built by Washu. It was during their first trip that Amane learned she had yet ANOTHER rival... the Melma's high priestess Neju, who was a passenger en route to the G.P. Academy.

In regards to her performance as a G.P. officer, Amane's youth shows that sometimes she makes decisions without thinking things through. She is however a skilled marks-person and well schooled in tactical situations. She had for a while been known as "The Zero Goddess", because she had not had a pirate encounter... that is, until she was on a deep-space mission when an attack by the Daluma guilds-woman Kyo Komachi occurred (yes, Seina was on board). She is also an old friend of Mihoshi Kuramitsu.

Amane also tends to speak her mind more than others... especially in matters towards Seina, as well as her displeasure of Seiryo, who keeps hounding Amane romantically.

Recently, Amane had returned briefly to her career in modeling, performing at a G.P. fashion show put on by her family. However, after seeing her performance in a battle simulation during the show, even her father was forced to admit that Amane was truly where she belonged... although he still wanted her back as a model.

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