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Kiriko MasakiKiriko MasakiKiriko Masaki (Tenchi Muyo! GXP:  Galaxy Police Transporter)
Kiriko Masaki JuraiKiriko Masaki Jurai
Part JuraianPart Juraian
33 years old (physically 21 years old)33 years old (physically 21 years old)
Gold (red when in battle)Gold (red when in battle)
Immigration investigator, Galaxy PoliceImmigration investigator, Galaxy Police
Wendee LeeSakuma Kumi
Episode 1: "Seize the Day"Episode 1: "Seize the Day"
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Kiriko Masaki

Other than Tenchi Masaki, Seina Yamada had very few friends, mostly because of his bad luck. One of the few that wasn't scared-off my his current misfortunes was Kiriko Masaki. During his childhood, whenever Seina was injured from his misadventures, Kiriko was always there, with a smile, to help mend him from them.

However, what was not known to Seina (and her brother Kai) was that Kiriko was part Juraian. As a result, she had entered the Galaxy Police, where she was assigned to the Immigration Investigation bureau. Of what Kiriko herself did not know was she was also distantly related to the Masaki clan of the Jurai royal family. That fact was discovered by Seto Kamiki Jurai.

When Kiriko had found out that Seina had enrolled in the G.P. Academy, she tried to persuade him to drop out, fearing his bad luck could get him injured badly or killed... several times she asked him in fact! In spite of the fact that Seina chose to enrol, Kiriko continued to watch over him, if not to see that he is not hurt, then to keep him away from Amane.

Usually, Kiriko is a calm and quiet person, but she can get very jealous when other women... especially Amane... show Seina affection, but not much. However, if she is pushed too far... for instance if she is in a battle... then another side of her shows up... a deadly side. Her eyes turn from their normal gold color to a blood red, possibly because of her Juraian heritage. Kiriko also possesses a stealth suit, with enables her to turn invisible during battle. She had shown this side when Seina first encountered Terrant Shank when the pirate attacked a Galaxy Police transport. After the battle, Seina was in shock seeing this side of his friend, but accepted her when he was given command of the first Kamidake.

Later, as more ladies with more interesting backgrounds than her's began entering Seina's life, Kiriko began to worry about feeling left behind. It wasn't easy competing with Amane, who was a former model, Ryoko Balta, who had found out that she was a princess, or the newest lady, Neju, who was a super-powered high priestess, not to mention the amorous pursuits of Seto's ladies-in-waiting Gyokuren, Hakuren, Karen, and Suiren. But soon, things began to change for her.

On the insistence of Seto, Kiriko was bonded in a Juraian ceremony to a second generation royal tree, which she had named Mizuki. That tree, along with Fuku, now provided Seina's new ship, the Kamidake II with power equal to that of a first generation tree, as well as protection by Lighthawk wings generated from the tree, a hypothesis proven by a temporary bond with Seto's ship, the Mikagami. The bond between Mizuki and Fuku was possible because the Kamidake II, as well as Fuku, were created by Washu Hakubi.

As a result of her bonding, Kiriko was renamed Kiriko Masaki Jurai, like others in the royal family that are bonded.

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