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Neju Na MelmasNeeju Na MelmasNeju Na Melmas (Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter)
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Neige Na Melmas (alternate spelling)
Over 2000 years old (physicaly 10)Over 2000 years old (physicaly 10)
Former high priestess, now Galaxy PolicewomanFormer high priestess, now Galaxy Policewoman
Sandy Fox (credited as Marie Danielle)
Episode 11: "Old Reveals and New Deals"Episode 11: "Old Reveals and New Deals"
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Neju Na Melmas

On the outside, she looks like your average little girl. And at times does she act like one. However, Neju was for 2000 years her world's representative and spiritual leader. Her aging had been stopped in order to keep her holy. Also, Neju's psionic powers (mind control is one of them) are more powerful then her predecessors. However, this has not prevented any number of assassins from trying to take her life... which was why Seto Kamiki Jurai had called upon Seina and his crew, aboard the Kamidake II, to escort her to the G.P. Academy.

Seina had met the girl on Jurai just after he found out that the original Kamidake had suffered fatal damage as a result of a prolonged siege with the Daluma Guild. Later, after receiving their new ship, Seina and his crew, Kiriko, Amane, and Ryoko Balta, were told to proceed to the G.P. Academy with the girl... without the use of their weapons!

At first, Neju acted just like any young girl, but insisted upon hanging around Seina... much to the chagrin of the other girls. It was while the two (and the newly-hatched Fuku) were playing at the beach in the ship's holodeck that Kiriko saw the necklace around Neju's neck, identifying her as the high priestess.

When Amane, Kiriko, and Ryoko Balta had confronted Neju, the high priestess made a demonstration of her powers, successfully modifying the three until they got to the Academy. Of course, they had to get through a pirate raid, whose duty was to kill Neju, for she was about to select her successor as high priestess. Fuku was frightened by the attack, but Neju had comforted the young cabbit enough to escape the attack. When they arrived at the G.P. Academy, Seto was surprisingly there to greet them. She then told the others the truth: part of the reason was that Neju was gauging Seina's abilities. She found them powerful, but not equal to hers.

The three would meet Neju again as she was at the home of Seina's parents on Earth. She had a body double at the Academy so that she could find out more about Seina's life on Earth. While Seina was visiting Tenchi, she helped the other girls at the new grocery store that Seina's parents owned, the money came from the interest from Seina's pay... which was equal to a fleet commanders! That pay was held in trust until Seina graduated, the interest was sent to Seina's parents... which they used to build a large new house and a large grocery store.

As for Neju's powers, she can have the effect of causing time stand still... at least from the subject's point-of-view. She is one not to be taken lightly-if she demonstrates more of her powers. And as said before, her aging was chemically halted for over two thousand years. After she left the priesthood, her aging was restored to normal.

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