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Mayuka MasakiMayuka MasakiMayuka Masaki (Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness)
Juraian (Synthetic being)Juraian (Synthetic being)
6 months (appears 16 years)6 months (appears 16 years)
Amber (red when controlled by Yuzuha)Amber (red when controlled by Yuzuha)
4'11"150 cm
99 lbs44.9 kg
Assassin and kidnapperAssassin and kidnapper
Julie MaddalenaJunko Iwao
Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of DarknessTenchi Muyo!: Manatsu No Eve
Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of DarknessTenchi Muyo!: Manatsu No Eve

Character Description: Mayuka Masaki

A very young Yosho had met a young girl during Jurai's Starrica festival. Soon thereafter, it was revealed that the girl was actually a murderous demon named Yuzuha, and the palace guards had barely came to Yosho's rescue.

Seven hundred years later, Yuzuha, still stinging from the rejection, finds that not only Yosho was still alive, but he has a grandson that is the center of attention of six other women (Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi, Kiyone, and Washu). So in an attempt of revenge, the demon obtains some of Tenchi's hair, and some of her own hair to create a "daughter" - Mayuka.

She had appeared in the summer during a hot afternoon. To say the least, Mayuka had caused quite a stir among the Masaki clan - especially Ryoko, who became very jealous of the young girl. But to Sasami, Mayuka became a good friend. It wasn't until later in the day that her motives became more clear. Twice during that day, Mayuka, under the control of Yuzuha, had tried to kidnap Tenchi, but the first time, Ryoko had foiled the attempt. And later that night, Yosho stopped her, and that was when the Masaki clan had discovered that Yuzuha was behind all that occurred.

Anguished at what she did, Mayuka fled from the Masaki house. Yuzuha, angry that Mayuka had failed in her mission, took direct control of the girl and used her to kidnap Sasami and injure Ayeka. Because of this, both Tenchi and Ryoko ventured into Yuzuha's realm of darkness. It was a risky journey, because Tenchi's powers would not be able to work in Yuzuha's world.

Once there, both Tenchi and Ryoko had discovered that Mayuka was transformed into a killing machine and attacked both of them. Ryoko was injured, and Tenchi was about to be torn apart by Mayuka when Sasami, who spent most of the battle unconscious, pleaded with Mayuka not to hurt Tenchi. Somehow, the girl's true, gentle behavior, resurfaced. Yuzuha tried to reassert her control, but Mayuka struck back. Finally angered beyond measure, Yuzuha killed Mayuka, reducing the girl to a red crystal. Yuzuha then turned her rage to the others, but Tenchi, with help from Ayeka and a branch of the Funaho tree, was able to use his Lighthawk sword to destroy Yuzuha.

Using her scientific mind, Washu was able to resurrect Mayuka, but this time, in the form of an infant. The Masaki clan is now raising the child as one of their own.

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