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Character Profile: Gray the Nine Lives

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gray the Nine LivesGray the Nine LivesGray the Nine Lives (Trigun)
Appears about 12'Appears about 366 m
Gung-Ho GunGung-Ho Gun

Character Description: Gray the Nine Lives

Gray the Nine Lives appears well into the series, after Legato informs Vash that he will have to deal with the Gung-ho Guns from here on out. There is literally no place Vash can hide, not even in a place that only he would know about, the only functioning SEED ship left on the planet.

When Vash goes to the ship with Wolfwood in toe to have his regular meeting with his friends on the ship, and to get an upgraded arm and new set of clothing, he is followed by 3 of the Gung-ho Guns; Leonof the Puppetmaster, Hoppered the Gauntlet, and Gray the Ninelives. Their sole job is to cause as much death and destruction as they possibly can, but also to take out the plants responsible for keeping the ship airborne. While Vash takes care of Hoppered, Wolfwood runs into Gray and has to fight for his life against this giant.

Gray looks like a giant man, literally so huge that he takes up two hallways at one point while moving though the ship, his upper body on one deck and the rest of him on the deck below. His head is dome-shaped and only has two openings for eyes, as if it where a low protective helmet. He has large 50 caliber machine guns tucked into his fingers, allowing him to clear a path for himself easily. He also has mini-rockets in his chest and larger ones in his legs. He gets his name 'the Nine Lives' from the fact that he is nearly impossible to stop, bullets simply bouncing off him and even rockets nothing more then making him pause so he can regain sight. It's only when Wolfwood shoots out a pipe over Gray and causes some corrosive liquid to eat away his outer armored skin does he find out that Gray is a Robot.

Side Notes: Out of all of the Gung-Ho Guns, Gray is by far the largest. He does not require all of his body to function, as when Wolfwood blows him up with a rocket and leaving nothing but his waist and his legs, but still he continued to finish off his mission.

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