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Character Profile: Midvalley the Hornfreak

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Midvalley the HornfreakMidvalley the HornfreakMidvalley the Hornfreak (Trigun)
Eleventh Gung-Ho GunEleventh Gung-Ho Gun
"We are all actors on the greatest stage of all"
Tomohiro Nishimura

Character Description: Midvalley the Hornfreak

A tall and handsome saxophone player, and also one of the higher ranking members of the Gung-ho guns, working directly under Legato.

This rather charismatic character is always by Legato's side, and if he is not by his side, he is never far behind. All of the Gung-ho Guns have a special weapon or power, and Midvalley is no different.

Midvalley is a great Sax player, able to play with the best of him. But his music is his own weapon. He can use his musical super skills to actually match sound waves with the waves that the brain uses to transfer electrical pain signals, so basically he can hit someone with a explosive blast of pure pain waves, enough to kill a person on impact, or simply rip them apart or blast an area around them with the sound waves alone, like a sonic blast. Getting to him is nearly impossible, his musical attacks can send bullets flying right back at their sources and he can direct his attacks in pretty much any direction.

He is rather tall, about Vash's height give or take a few inches. He always wears this simple black suit with a pink under shirt with a high collar. He is never seen without his Sax, and always has it with him. He does seem to have more soul than the other Gung-ho guns, that is to say that he does not really enjoy causing Vash the suffering received from his team mates, and also killing innocence to get to Vash's nerves. You can often see it in his face that he does not approve of some of the Gung-Ho Gun's actions, but he knows better then to voice his opinion on the subject, or to even think about trying to cross Knives or Legato.

Side Notes: Some wonder if Midvalley has a side job, since in some episodes he can be seen playing Sax at bars or clubs, usually with a band no less. His music is not his only weapon, When Vash uses his skill to knock some holes in Midvalley's Sax, he reveals that his sax has 8 small machine guns built into the sax's main body.

Character Description: Midvalley the Hornfreak

Midvalley is the last Gung-Ho-Gun that Vash fights before facing Legato. He is often seen in the company of Bluesummers himself, and appears to be something like his right-hand man. It was Midvalley who introduced the Gung-Ho-Guns on Jeonora Rock, viewed the destruction of Augusta, and accompanied Legato to Knives' fortress.

Midvalley's main weapon is a saxophone, which he uses to emit destructive sound waves. These waves can cause physical pain or actual barriers - he used one to deflect a bullet from Vash's gun. The saxophone also contains a number of small guns. Vash disables these with a ricochet shot, but Midvalley activates them anyway, causing the instrument to explode, killing himself.

Although seemingly just as ruthless as the other Guns, Midvalley admits to Vash that those who work for 'him' have 'no free thought, no free will'. He is genuinely troubled at Vash's insistence on taking blows for the townspeople, and seems to have a detached sort of respect for the outlaw.

Midvalley is never seen without his signature outfit, a black suit complete with pink shirt. His saxophone is a tenor, which he has named 'Sylvia'.

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