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Character Profile: Kyle Marcus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kyle Marcus Kyle Marcus Kyle Marcus (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust)
Human Human
Male Male
27-28 years 27-28 years
Orange Orange
Blue Blue
5'10" 178 cm
Vampire hunter Vampire hunter
"Yeah! Come and get it, zombies!"  
Alex Fernandez Houchu Ohtsuka
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Character Description: Kyle Marcus

Kyle Markus is a team member in a group of professional vampire hunters widely know as "The Marcus Brothers". The four Marcus brothers are all related except Leila, however they still treat her like a younger sister.

Kyle has a very aloof personality and is quite confident in himself. He get excited easly when a bounty is spotted and enjoys attacking with his cross-shaped blades made of silver which he carries everywhere.

He has been know to flirt with Leila, but just for a tease.

Character Description: Kyle Marcus

Although Kyle may seem somewhat simple (he just loves to kill monsters and vampires), he is a bit complex when you think about it. He is generous to the gas pumper, but only thinks of the reward money when he suggests to let Charlotte kill herself. Also, he shows that he cares for Leila, but not for the innorcent Charlotte.

Kyle does seem fairly intelligent from his actions. He can drive the tank, can tell what's wrong with the tank, and know's when something's too risky.

You can tell he owns the ideal weapon for himself. He throws his silver cross-blades accurately, catch's them with ease, can use his left hand just as well as his right, plus can spin them at the same time and hover-glid through the air just by jumping and spinning his pair of light, portable cross-blades that can slice through bone.

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