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Senri ShikiSenri Shiki (支葵千里)Senri Shiki (Vampire Knight)
Aristocrat VampireAristocrat Vampire
16 years old16 years old
5'8"173 cm
Night Class StudentNight Class Student
"She seems like she'd be tasty...that girl...""She seems like she'd be tasty...that girl..."
Steve StaleySouichiro Hoshi
Episode 1Episode 1
Vampire KnightVampire Knight

Character Description: Senri Shiki

Shiki, like all of his friends, is a Night Class student who attends Cross Academy. Shiki is not the social type and appears to dislike being around a lot of people, unlike his friend Ichijou. For example, in episode two, during the "chocolate giving" Shiki doesn't want to go and get the chocolates and keeps walking with Rima. When Ichijou sees this, he grabs Shiki by the arm and says to the girls that he'll bring him to them.

In one episode, Ichijo asked Shiki to cut the cake and Shiki said "Keep it still" then Shiki cut his finger saying "Better not let this go to waste." Ichijo stands there for about 2 minutes then shoves him away and says "Weren't you not going to abuse me anymore...Shiki?", then tells him he had enough.

In the manga, it was said that Shiki and Rima, are models. Rima seems to follow him a lot, whether because she likes him or to watch over him, and is almost always with him.

Shiki's elite power is a blood whip that he makes from piercing his finger, causing it to bleed a little, and shooting it out at a victim. The first time he uses this is in the manga when he is ordered to kill a recently turned Level E. We see him come with Ichijou to kill a Level E before but he didn't do much as he says "See, you didn't need me..."

Character Description: Senri Shiki

Shiki is one of the youngest Night Class students. He is often found with Ichijo Takuma and Rima Touya. Rima works as a model along side Shiki. His mother was an actress, and his family is well know. His father is Rido Kuran, making him Yuuki Cross and Kaname Kuran's cousin.

After Rido takes over Shiki's body, he comes back to Cross Academy with Ichijo. He later attacks Rima, who scolds him for being weak and letting Rido take over his body. Shiki has success in awakening himself, and tries to gain control over his body.

After Rido's revival, Shiki regains consciousness and he recalls what happened. He visits an unconscious Rima and apologizes for letting Rido use his body and embraces her. He protects her from Rido's servants. As Rima regains consciousness, he carries her away from the Moon Dormitory before it collapses and he sees his father one last time before Rido dies.

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