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Character Profile: Miyu Yamano

USA Info
Japanese Info
Miyu Yamano Miyu Yamano Miyu Yamano (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Vampire Shinma
Female Female
13 years 13 years
Brown Brown
Gold/redish Gold/redish
Guardian Guardian
"You don't have a clue about how I feel about what I do."  
Pamela Weidner(OVA), Kimberly Brown(TV), Dorothy Melendrez(credited as Dorothy Elias-Fahn)(TV, episodes 8 and 22) Naoko Watanabe
Episode 1: "Unearthly Kyoto"(OVA) Episode 1: "Unearthly Kyoto"(OVA)
Vampire Princess Miyu Kyuketsuki Miyu

Character Description: Miyu Yamano

Born in post-war Japan, Miyu lived a relatively normal life until the age of thirteen, where she encountered a demon, Larva, sent from across the ocean to kill her. At this time, however, Miyu discovered she had the thirst of a vampire - and took Larva's blood. Larva's face and voice were sealed away as punishment, and he became Miyu's servant.

Miyu soon discovered why Larva sought to kill her - her family was part of a clan of Shinma (gods and demons), who were left on Earth to secure the sleep of those who slept below. During the transition of roles from her mother to her, many Shinma escaped from the darkness, which Miyu must now capture and return to their slumber. To accomplish this task, Miyu's aging was halted... and so she exists today, ageless, amoral, hunting not only Shinma, but also normal people to feed on.

In the television series, Miyu's origins are somewhat different. In the episode "Once Upon a Time", Miyu is the child of a human mother and a shinma father. Miyu's father was a guardian who was killed by a shinma assassin named Tonbi or Black Kite, but not before placing a barrier around his daughter. Years later, a group of shinma protectors led by Reiha's father, posing as a traveling theater company/circus, were performing a ceremony to awaken Miyu's powers. Tonbi and his killers managed to kill the protectors, including Reiha's father. Tonbi himself had killed Miyu's mother, but Miyu herself disposed of him, sending him to the darkness. She was now the guardian.

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