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AmonAmonAmon (Witch Hunter Robin)
Seed (Witch with no awakened powers)Seed (Witch with no awakened powers)
25 years25 years
About 5'11"About 180 cm
Head hunter of the STN-JHead hunter of the STN-J
"A Witch must always be hunted."
Crispin FreemanTakuma Takewaka
Witch Hunter RobinWitch Hunter Robin

Character Description: Amon

Amon is just your typical, mysterious (and sometimes downright creepy) anime guy. Being the oldest and most experienced hunter, Amon is pressured not to show signs of attachment or even common emotions. All the other hunters look up to him and ask him (though sometimes not with words) for advice when needed.

At the beginning of the series, he is partnered with Robin, a rookie (and also a witch). Angered by being partnered with an inexperienced kid-witch, he ignores the poor girl and goes about his business as he normally would. Their relationship is rocky at first, but it eventually turns into a caring, though sometimes cryptic, friendship (especially after Amon saves Robin from her attackers in episode 14 or 15).

Amon has an extreme hatred of Witches throughout the series for two reasons. First is the fact that his mother, once a Seed, awakened to her Witch powers for her stepfather, who happened to be a Witch. This leads to his second reason: the fact that he is also a Seed, whose powers have yet to awaken but inevitably will awaken. He fears that eventuality and the realization that he will unlikely be able to control that power. It is believed that he and Touko once had a relationship (of the romantic sort), but he broke it off somewhere in the middle of the series.

Editor's Note: I'm told that Amon's father (not stepfather) left Amon's mother BEFORE her Witch powers awakened, because Amon saw his mother awaken but never met his father. If you can confirm or refute any of this, please contact me.

Character Description: Amon

Amon is the most mysterious of all the hunters at the STN-J. As far as anyone knows, he doesn't even have a last name. Amon is the oldest senior hunter, and the one with the most experience. He likes to keep to himself and would rather work alone, or so it seems. No one knows a lot about him, but clues are given throughout the anime. His mother was a witch, which is ironic seeing how he likes to say "All witches must die."

Amon's relationships are very vague. In the first few episodes, he seems to have a relationship with Toko, but that turned out to be just a sort of friendship. His relationship with Robin is the most confusing. He seems to want to ignore her at first, then he tries to kill her. But when the STN HQ is attacked, he saves her, and almost kisses her. Once things get really interesting, he once again helps her out, but their exact relationship is still unknown.

When things get rough, Amon always shows up. And even though not much is known about him through the series, Amon remains one of the main focuses of Witch Hunter Robin.

Amon has a half-brother, Nagira, although he doesn't reveal it until Episode 23: Sympathy For The Devil.

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