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Robin SenaRobin SenaRobin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin)
15 years old15 years old
Forest GreenForest Green
Witch hunterWitch hunter
Kari WahlgrenAkeno Wantanabe
Witch Hunter RobinWitch Hunter Robin

Character Description: Robin Sena

Robin is the main character of Witch Hunter Robin. Robin may look like a sweet and innocent girl, but she actually has the ability to control FIRE! She is extremely powerful and helps the STN-J out a lot with her unusual gift.

Though a little inexperienced and somewhat naive, Robin is quite a good witch. A slight disadvantage to her amazing powers is the fact that her eyesight blurs when she uses them. Discomforted by the thought of Robin's powers going amiss, her partner, Amon, gave her glasses to wear on hunts.

Robin was designed by the STN to be the "perfect witch". Carried by Father Juliano's daughter, Maria, the project succeeded to produce a little girl. Father Juliano was told to kill the child, but he could not bring himself to do so. Robin was sent to live in a convent in Italy, where she resided until the STN-J brought her back Japan.

The STN-J consists of Robin Sena, Amon (an ominous man who leads the group), Haruto Sakaki (a rookie), Yurika Dojima (a girl who prefers slacking off to witch hunting), Miho Karasuma (a telepath who learns of things by touching objects), and Michael Lee (a hacker).

Some time in one of the last episodes, Robin finds out that the Orbo is made out of the essence of the witches that they pretend to keep alive. That's why Robin never wore the Orbo. At the beginning, she didn't know why.

Character Description: Robin Sena

After a great deal of watching Witch Hunter, I found that Robin is far more experienced hunter than any in the group. She knows what she's looking for (expressed quiet quickly in the first few episodes) and open-minded about what she's looking at. Everyone else on the team has judgments and fears about who they are hunting down (Amon in particular) or is in denial about what they are doing (Miho, who as an empath, has always known about orbor in some dark corner of her mind, which drove her to her little break down in the last episodes).

We must also take into account that hunting is all Robin knows, and has ever done. The others have life experience outside of Solomon. But who wants to give the prodigal child her dues? Certainly not those she shows up in the first few days of being there.

As for Robin's inability to aim. Don't make the mistake of bad eyesight, and out of control. Everyone at Solomon HQ KNOWS what Robin is, and how she came to this world. Who would want her to get any better at wielding her massive strength than she already was...I mean besides the people who wanted pickled witches? She certainly acts more mature than anyone else on the team as well.

On an unrelated note: Is it just me, or did the whole series keep mistaking power for strength. The only ones with the 'Power of God' so to speak were the Inquisitor, Ziazan, and Juliano. It is just my humble opinion, but I have always thought that 'Power' would be the ability to control the fates of others. 'Strength' being the ability to enforce your personal choice upon yourself.

Editor’s Note:

The views and opinions expressed in this description are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of myself... of course, since I haven't seen more than a couple episodes, I really don't have any opinion about Robin.

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