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AlisterAmeldaAlister (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Alistar (alternate spelling)
Appears about 16-22 years oldAppears about 16-22 years old
DOOM DuelistDOOM Duelist
Ted LewisYukinara Iemura
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Alister

Years ago, when Alister was about 12, he had a little brother named Mikey (Miiruko in the Japanese version). During that time, there was a battle in their home town. Alister and Mikey were in the middle of the crossfire and they ran for their lives. They arrived at tank that was being driven by an ally. Alister told his young brother to get into the tank. Suddenly, a missile hit the tank, and Mikey was killed! Alister was terrified and completely devastated.

Once the battle was over, he saw the enemy's planner, Gozaburo Kaiba. Dartz came to Alister that same day and told him that Gozaburo planned the battle, and he was responsible. Alister was furious, and he wanted to do anything to ruin the Kaiba family. Dartz offered his support (the green geometric star), and Alister accepted it. Turns out Gozaburo was actually Dartz, with Dartz in disguise.

Years later, Seto Kaiba gets a call from Pegasus and Pegasus challenges Kaiba to a duel. It isn't until later that Pegasus turns out to be Alister! Mai Kujaku dueled Pegasus, and he lost the duel, and his soul. Kaiba got out of that DEADLY duel, but as for the next one, he probably wouldn't be so lucky.

Anyway, once Yami Yuugi warns Kaiba of this diabolicalness that he's sensed, Alister shows up on a Kaiba Corporation Airplane, as the pilot. Before he appeared in front of Kaiba, he set the airplane on AutoPilot. He then duels Kaiba, using the the DEADLY Star Card. Mokuba goes up to the Control Room to avoid the plane hitting a mountain. Mokuba also calls Isono, telling him that they need help.

Once Isono is there, and Kaiba and Alister see them, Alister is furious!! It reminded him of when his innocent brother was murdered during the war. Alister then released his hatred (using Orichalcos), shattering the windows on the plane, and became more insolent to Kaiba. In the end though, Alister lost the duel, and his soul. Mokuba felt very sorry for him. When Alister looked at Mokuba before his soul was taken, Mokuba reminded him of his little brother Mikey.

Overall, Alister is quite persistent to have his ideas being correct.

In the end, Alister supposedly lives in Pisa, Italy. The last time we see him is right before Yami Yuugi left to go back to the past.

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