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LeichterDaimonLeichter (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Lector (alternate spelling)
40 years40 years
Light blueLight blue
Member of the Big 5Member of the Big 5
"Is there a problem, Mistuh KAIIIbuh, cuz I'd appreciate it if you'd take your turn!"
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

Character Description: Leichter

One of the Kaiba Corp Big 5, Leicher was meant to succeed Gozaburo as the CEO of Kaiba Corp, but he was assigned to help Seto Kaiba because of the bet that made Seto the new CEO of Kaiba Corp. Leicher grew to despise Seto for denying him his future position. He and the others tried a full takeover of the company, with help from Pegasus.

When Kaiba tests his new virtual pods, the Big 5 try once again to takeover Kaiba Corp, by trapping Seto in his virtual world. Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba went in to find Seto and get out. They finally meet up with the Big 5 at the end of their mission, using the Five-God Dragon as their Deck-Master. The Big 5 lost when Yugi and Kaiba join forces, and trap the Big 5 in virtual reality.

They're found by Noah Kaiba, who offered them a chance to take revenge on Kaiba and return to the real world. Leicher choose Jinzo as his Deck-Master form to challenge Seto, but lost. He soon joined forces with the others to take on Yugi and Joey, using Tristan's body as a host. Leicher was the last to take charge and his turn lasted to the Big 5's defeat. Noah deleted them for their failure.

Character Description: Leichter

Leicher is the chief adviser for Kaiba Corporation and a member of the Big Five. Unlike the others, his vendetta lies more with how new owner Seto Kaiba deceived his little brother Mokuba in order to beat Gozaburo's game to run the company instead of how he himself lost a job. He's the brains of the outfit and the most charming due to his creepily comforting Southern accent. His favorite card is Jinzo.

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