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ValonVaronValon (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Looks about 17-20 years oldLooks about 17-20 years old
Doom Organization Member, DuelistDoom Organization Member, Duelist
Marc Thompson?Tsuyoshi Maeda
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Valon

When Varon was about 15 years old, he seemed to be orphan, and he practically was taken care by a young nun at a church. Quite often, Varon got into many fights. One of them changed his life. One day, his "mother" the nun, was telling him that it wasn't right to fight. Then came a group who barged into the church, and wanted to fight him. The nun begged them to please let Varon be. They just threw her to the floor. Varon was about to fight them, but the nun stopped him.

Then, one night, the church was surrounded by fire. Varon wasn't at the church, but he saw the scene and ran towards the church. A huge crowd was in tears, and so was he. But... he heard the snickering of the group that he had last seen when they barged into the church. They were smiling evilly. It seemed though as if they set the church on fire, with his "Mother" inside, where she was killed. Varon's hatred burst!!!

Then, what seemed to be the same night when the church was set ablaze, he found the group and started a fight. He was in such a fiery rage that he killed all the men. He ended up in prison, and started many fights, with prisoners and the guards. One day, the head of the prison decided to let him go, if he could beat prisoners in a game of Duel Monsters, using the power of Orichalos. Varon and each prisoner, one-by-one ended up on an island. Varon won each duel, and he sealed each prisoner's souls! He then met Dartz. Dartz was quite pleased with his talent. Dartz invited him to join his DOOM group.

He eventually finds Mai Kujaku, they duel, and she looses to his superior deck of armor. He notices that Mai is in a funk because she still can't get over the fact that she wasn't popular since she lost to Yami Malik in the Final Stage of Battle City. He took her to Dartz, where she got the geometric star card, the jade necklace, and a dark duel disk.

When Mai became DARK, Varon had a tendency to tease her, for some odd reason, giving her orders. Did I mention that Mai beat Pegasus? Well, Mai dueled Pegasus, and he lost the duel, and his soul.

In the end, Varon dueled Jounouchi. Mai was there. She was outraged that he was dueling Jounouchi because Varon had stopped the previous the duel with Mai and Jounouchi. In the last duel, Mai seemed to have a seizure since Jounouchi had tricked her the last turn. Anyway, Jounouchi wins, and Varon looses his soul. Dartz was shocked, and disappointed.

Overall, Varon likes to tease people sometimes, and he is very strong. In the end, Varon supposedly lives in Barcelona, Spain.

In the English version, Varon has an Australian accent, though in the Japanese version, he does not.

Editor's Note: Also, if you can point me to somewhere that shows the official spelling of Orichalcos, I would appreciate it.

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