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Character Profile: Kagemaru

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kagemaru Kagemaru Kagemaru (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Human Human
Male Male
Very old, before his new body Very old, before his new body
White(black after he is rejuvinated) White(black after he is rejuvinated)
Brown Brown
About 6' About 183 cm
Hospitalized Hospitalized
"This is why I hate teenagers..."  
Marc Thompson Mugihito
Episode 48 Episode 48
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Kagemaru

Kagemaru is an old man who was the first super-intendant of Duel Academy, the man who built it. He planned to use the Sacred Beasts (Japanese: Demon Lords) to rejuvenate him and make him immortal. Building Duel Academy, and the giving Chancellor Sheppard the Spirit Keys, were all ploys to help him unlock the Sacred Beasts.

The Sacred Beasts can grant Kagemaru immortality, but they required dueling energy to become strong enough. Kagemaru created the spirit keys and gathered the Shadow Riders in the hopes that, with the duelists of Duel Academy dueling to protect the keys, and the Shadow Riders dueling to take them, the Sacred Beasts would grow strong with dueling energy. Eventually Jaden Yuki went to duel Academy, and Kagemaru feels that if he can defeat him, he'll be able to steal Jaden's dueling energy and take control of the Sacred Beasts.

Kagemaru, at first, is a very old man that must be kept in a steel life-support capsule, using robotic arms to duel. After he summons 2 Sacred Beasts, he is rejuvenated into a much younger body (that bears a striking resemblance to the card Gearfried the Swordmaster). Kagemaru succeeds in summoning all 3 Sacred Beasts, but is defeated and returns to his old self. He is last seen being carried away to the hospital.

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