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Japanese Info
LailaReiraLaila (Zatch Bell)
Over 1000 years oldOver 1000 years old
Millennium MamodoMillennium Mamodo
Rumi Shishido
Episode 61Episode 61
Zatch BellKonjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Laila

Laila is one of the forty mamodo candidates for king one millennium ago who were turned into stone by Goren. Like the other Millennium Mamados, she was brought back by Zofis to be used as a pawn in his quest to win the new battle. However, Zofis didn't expect her to betray him by letting Kiyo and his friends escape his base so they could recuperate from the vicious attacks of his army. After helping them, she leaks precious information about a stone of moonlight that allows the Millennium Mamodo to be free of Goren's curse; making it a target for Kiyo. She states that her reason for assisting them was because she knew that the Millennium Mamodo were wrong to hurt others in this new time.

Unlike many of her comrades, Laila was not driven by the anger that they accumulated from the long time in their stone prisons. Her attitude appears to be more dreary than angry. With that, Laila is normally unwilling to fight, and that was most likely the reason why she betrayed Zofis. However, Laila shares the common fear of returning to a petrified state of stone with the other Millennium Mamodo. Whenever the memory of being a stone tablet crosses her mind, her thoughts become clouded with fear and distrust. Zofis found out about her betrayal and made perfect use of her fear. By telling Laila that she would revert back to stone without the stone of moonlight, he got her to defend it for him. Laila fought Kiyo and his friends when they made a return trip for the stone. Eventually, they convinced her to step out of the glow of the moonlight stone by telling her that it only amplifies Zofis's control of hearts. She listened, and when she stepped out, she saw that she didn't return to stone. She knew that Zofis had lied to her. Laila, then, escorts Kiyo and his friends to the highest tower in the ruins and they destroy the moonlight stone. After the defeat of Zofis, Laila requested that her book be burnt so she could join the other Millennium Mamodo at their home world.

At first glance, Laila may look like an utterly helpless child, but looks are deceiving. Her natural abilities include inhuman strength and the power to fly. She attacks and defends with a wand with a crescent moon that she produces out of her dress, which she uses to cast her spells.

Perhaps my favorite feature about Laila is how apathetic she is. Normally, the blank expression that she wears seldom changes no matter what goes on around her. In her seemingly uninterested mind, she speaks tersely and straight to the point.

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