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Top 5 Anime Incarnations in Online Casino Games 2020 Posted Feb 28, 2020

Living in a modern world, you’re always dealing with some impacts, whether of mass media, music or movies. Today, one more sector has become increasingly popular — anime. Anime is usually associated with cartoons for children. But this is a misguided belief. People of all ages like watching anime. So, it comes as no surprise that many game developers are inspired by this form of Japanese art too.

Here, we will discover how anime is reflected in popular real online casino games. Note that in this article we won’t focus on particular web sites that offer these themed casino games online. But, feel free to visit and check the list of reliable and trusted online casinos reviewed and discussed with Arivoli Rublorees. And now, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Dragon Ball Reels

This online slot game is named after a very popular Japanese franchise of the middle 90s — Dragon Ball. The game was developed by Top-Trend Gaming, the pioneer within the Asian iGaming market. The creators used the heroes of the earlier anime version, and the gameplay is quite simple. However, given its old-fashioned graphics, this slot machine must actually give something new in order to become the preferred type of real money games. This is what casino sites believe would allow getting new players and choosing the right course to reach better internet casino experience. So, what’s unique about this slot?

The game takes us to tropic settings and introduces to the characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo (the antagonist) and many others. It comes with 5 reels, 25 paylines, and characters of low and high values. The lowest-value ones comprise the images of minor characters like Android 18, Master Roshi, and Bulma. They will bring you 5-25 credit points under the combos you receive during the gaming session. The icons with the highest scores are Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo. They may bring you a maximum of 300 credits if they are collected as 5 icons. Also, the video slots provide a wild card in the form of Dragon Ball. It appears one at a time, quickly substitutes other icons and triggers free bonus features. The more wild cards players will see on the reels, the more payouts they will get. So, it’s time for gaming and making big winnings via playing casino games! And that’s the best place to choose.

One-Punch Man

That’s another game inspired by the same-name manga. It was developed by JDB168, a licensed online gaming software supplier in the industry.

The game is 5-reeled and offers around 50 victorious combos. When you start playing, you’ll be introduced to the main character, Saitama. It serves as a wild card. Other figures are depicted as monsters and letters. Low scores are brought by letters, while monsters are icons with a high score. There, you can also get free spin gifts and golden punches. With each gold punch on the lines, the figures of beasts and Saitama are replaced. There are multipliers as another casino bonus option. Besides, Instant and Auto-Play modes are also available in the game.

The One-Punch Man online slots work well on a computer, smartphone, laptop, and tablet. And that’s great because you can play whenever and anywhere you want. So, if you’re fond of the One-Punch Man manga, feel free to enjoy this interactive environment and have some fun. But before you started playing online for real money, ensure that you have checked the casino reputation, its terms, and requirements. Also, your age should be at least 18-21 years to get access to online casinos for real money and win real cash.

Our Days

The next title on the list is one of the Microgaming brands that was launched in June 2019. It’s hard to say for sure which anime inspired the developers to create this game. There’s a lot of modern anime series devoted to high-school relationships, experience, etc. Still, the game has its selected set of characters — Lolita, Juliet, Nana, Joy, and Amber. Therefore, we think it closely resembles I Want to Eat Your Pancreas when it comes to images and the plot.

Our Days is a non-progressive slot game with low variance and high RTP — 96,35%. It is a browser-based cross-platform game. Many languages, payment methods, and currencies are accepted. Just like the previous title, the game consists of 5 reels and 3 rows. Also, these themed slot machines include specific icons of low and high scores. The icons with love letters, memoirs, shawls, jars of stars and bento are low-value. The icons with the main heroes come with higher points. Though there are 243 ways to hit a huge win, you’ll be able to take advantage. As for bonus offers, Our Days has a wide range of them — wilds, scatters and a re-spin. The last one is activated with each victorious spin and deactivated when there are no winning options left.

The game is fully compatible with desktop (for example, Mac) and mobile platforms. So, if you are looking for such an exclusive video game, you’re lucky to find this one. Explore everything, and make sure you have learned the online casino rules, terms and conditions. Once you understand them clearly, start betting for large jackpots. If you require help, simply address your issues to the 24/7 customer support team. Someone will get back to you and give the needed details to handle your problem or questions.


The next game listed here has a pirate theme and is created by XIN Gaming, one more Asian game provider. If you look closely, you’ll recognize the heroes from the popular longest-running manga, One Piece.

Since these online slots were released in January 2018, there’s little information about the game. It may seem that the game is non-functional, but casino reviewers state that the game is rated at 9/10. So, we can only assume that it might be currently not open for the rest of the iGaming market except Asia. Still, we’d like to take a quick glance at this slot game as we believe it could become a sure favorite with other users, especially if they are “One Piece” fans. Someone may really need to know about it and have a chance to enter the slot and gamble.

The game is 5-reeled, has 3 paylines and 20 ways to win. Among bonus types, the providers promised to add bonuses like wilds, free spins, scatters, extra games, expanding and random casino bonuses. Also, there are icons with the main characters that you’ll get familiar with while playing — Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, and Roronoa Zoro.

So, let’s hope we could see this game in a larger-scale entertainment market soon, and get more information about it. And let’s hope that either mobile casinos or online gambling websites will allow us to play real money online slots, and provide a wider package of welcome bonuses.

Pocket Mon GO

Do you remember watching the Pokemon series in your childhood or teenage years? There’s hardly anyone who has never heard about the reputable Japanese media franchise.

In 2016, the world witnessed the launch of the AR mobile game, Pokemon GO. And without any doubt, money slots game Pocket Mon GO is another creation devoted to the anime series. Here, you’ll find Pokemons like Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur.

The game was designed by Spade Gaming. And it has one feature that makes it different from many other games. It’s offering 243 of possible means to hit the win. This structure allows you to align figures with the neighboring reels. There are golden icons that activate multiple rewards and even progressive wins, including several prizes like free spins, multipliers, scatters, and wilds.

Furthermore, for your convenience Pocket Mon GO has an Auto-Play option and Free Play mode. And many real money casinos offer it to play online. So, it’s a perfect idea to try your luck before you make your first deposit and join real money online casinos. And also keep in memory that it’s important to follow the responsible gambling strategy and know when to stop.

In the End

So, here are our top 5 anime incarnations in real money casino games. We’ve tried to pick the most engaging anime-themed games like those we mentioned earlier. We expect that you have enjoyed reading this guide and found it helpful. Also, we hope that this piece will help every player in checking their favorite web browser titles in top online money casinos and following safe and secure real money gambling.

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