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SalimaSalima (Sarima)Salima (Beyblade V-Force)
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Selema (alternate spelling)
14 years14 years
"What's the point of dominating your opponent with sheer power?"
Susan Roman
Beyblade V-ForceBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002

Character Description: Salima

Salima was originally against the idea of using digital copies of the Bladebreakers Bit-Beasts. She tried to convince the rest of her team that using them was a bad idea, but she was so impressed by their performance in the arena that she, too, got hooked. Her Bitbeast has the power of "Robotic Enhancement".

Character Description: Salima

Salima comes from the same team as Kane. She, however, has the same beliefs as Ray and despises cheating just as much. Isn't it a surprise when Ray finds out that she joined the Psychics?

The next day Tyson asks Kenny to power up his BeyBlade. Salima is having a hard time getting it through to Dr. B that she doesn't want to use his Cyber Bit-Beast. She decides to take a walk after Goki and Jim have fallen to the power of the Cyber Bit-Beasts. She meets up with Ray, who also is having problems with what his team mates are up to. Salima, who doesn't want an unfair battle, asks Ray to get his team to forfeit the battle. In return she promised Ray she'd give him a cyber Bit-Beast so that his team could study it. Ray listened to her and tried to get the Blade Breakers to forfeit the battle. Salima had returned to the Psychics base only to find out the Kane had noticed she was missing and knew she had been out. Salima doesn't meet with much success, and neither does Ray.

When Salima tries to sneak out with the cyber Bit-Beast, Kane catches her and gets her to hand over the Bit-Beast. Salima seems to feel sorry that she had broken her promise to Ray.

In the Battle Tower, Ray matches against Salima and doesn't seem to put up much of a fight. In fact, that seems to be the last thing he wants to do. Kai manages to talk Ray into fighting back. Cyber Drigger seems to want to keep Salima in its control and continues to gain power at an amazing rate. Whenever Salima resists to tell Ray the truth, it grows again and she's subdued. Finally, Ray decides enough is enough and destroys the over-sized Cyber Drigger. After a quiet "Thanks for everything Ray", she walks out of the Arena, leaving the BladeBreakers completely confused, especially Ray.

This isn't the end of Salima, though. When she gets back she's thrown into a small glass prison and doesn't attempt to break free. Goki then loses his battle to Kai, and is also stuck in the prison. However, when Kane battles, Salima starts to show signs of life again, and when Cyber Dragoon sends out a power wave she's freed and runs down to free Kane from the Bit-Beasts power. Ray rushes over to Kane's side when Salima appears to free Kane. Ray tries to keep Salima back so she doesn't get hurt, but Salima frees herself from Ray's grasp and runs in front of Kane. She's then hit by a power wave and sent flying, knocked her out. Ray, who is very worried, rushes over to the fallen Salima.

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