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Satan JacobSatan Jakobu (サタン ジャコブ)Satan Jacob (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)
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Demon King Satan
Sadao MaouSadao Mao (貞真奥 夫)
Thousands of years oldThousands of years old
Demon king in exile, fast-food workerDemon king in exile, fast-food worker
Josh GrelleRyota Osaka (逢坂 良太)
Episode 1, "The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka"Episode 1, "The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka"
The Devil Is A Part-Timer!Hataraku Maou-sama!

Character Description: Satan Jacob

The most feared of all demons, Satan Jacob declared war upon the extra-dimensional land of Etle Isla, hoping to eradicate the human population and make it a homeworld for demons. However, the human population, led by the half-angel hero Emilia Justina and her allies, beat back Satan and his armies and forced them back to the central continent, as well as breaking-off Satan's left horn in the process. Vowing revenge, Satan, along with his loyal general Alciel, opened a gateway between Etle Isla and the Earth dimension, and fled. Emilia, as well as the priest Orba Meyer, followed, but Orba failed to enter.

However, upon entering Earth's dimension, Satan and Alciel ran into... a bit of a problem. Having materialized in Tokyo's Sasazuka Ward, both of them had discovered to their horror that they had become human... and close to powerless. While he still had a bare minimum of his former powers, Satan's form was now that of a teenaged boy. After carefully giving thought to their plight, Satan and Alciel realized the only way they were going to survive was to... find a home and get jobs! Satan, having assumed the identity of Sadao Maou, has had the most success of doing this, having secured a part-time position at a MgRonald's restaurant (a pun upon McDonald's) near a train station. Alciel, now posing as Shiro Ashiya, was fired from every job he applied for, and now stays at home managing the apartment they share. He is further relieved that his enemy Emilia, who has taken the identity of Emi Yusa, is in a similar situation as himself and Ashiya, and is working as a customer service operator.

On Etle Isla, Satan was a cruel, heartless and merciless individual, and would not hesitate in killing humans. But as Sadao, he has somehow shown a kinder, more understanding towards them. Even in the brief times he had resumed his full power, Sadao has used his powers to save and benefit humans, rather than kill them.

Sadao's relations with his co-workers is very unusual as well. He lives in fear of his manager Mayumi Kisaki, even though there's no reason to do so; he's the best worker she has. And he's on good terms with Chiho Sasaki, even after she learned of his secret.

Back at Etle Isla, Sadao's powers as Satan were limitless, but have been cut dramatically on Earth. But in both worlds he can receive an infusion of fresh energy by drawing upon feelings of helplessness, pain, and despair. For example, when his former general Lucifer, as well as Orba Meyer, who had turned rogue and betrayed Emi by joining with Lucifer, Sadao was able teleport himself and Emi to a place in Tokyo where a large number of people were, and drew upon the negative feelings to energize himself and defeat the two. However, he lost those powers using them to repair the damage caused.

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