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Miranda LottoMiranda Lotto (γƒŸγƒ©γƒ³γƒ€γƒ»γƒ­γƒƒγƒˆγƒΌ)Miranda Lotto (D.Gray-man)
25 years old25 years old
"I wish tomorrow would never come""I wish tomorrow would never come"
Megumi Toyoguchi

Character Description: Miranda Lotto

Miranda Lotto is a 25-year-old German woman encountered by Lenalle and Allen in during the rewinding town incident. Since childhood she has always failed at everything she attempted, be it sewing or sports, and in her adult years has been fired over a hundred times due to mistakes, resulting in an inferiority complex and chronic depression.

One day, when walking past the village antique store, she saw an old Grandfather Clock about to be thrown out, since it couldn't be wound by anyone. Taking the key she tried to turn it, and the clock wound up for the first time, unknowingly connecting with the Innocence hidden inside. Feeling needed for the first time, she bought the clock and took it home, treating it like her closest friend.

However, upon being fired for the hundredth time, she wished, whilst in a drunken stupor, for tomorrow to never come. In an ironic twist of fate, the clock granted her wish, forcing the town to relive the same day over and over again, with no-one but Miranda aware of the fact.

Miranda would spend her days trying to escape from 'today', ironically avoiding the mishaps that had troubled her the first time, for at least a month, before encountering Allen Walker and an Akuma.

Attempting to bolster Miranda's confidence, believing it to be the reason they are trapped in the loop, Lenalee and Allen help her find employment at a theater, only for an Akuma, disguised as a thief, to steal the ticket money from her, earning the disdain of the employer, all a cunning plan so Road Kamelot could find the Accomadator of the Innocence.

During the battle with Road and her Level 2 Akuma, Miranda gains the confidence to protect Allen from an attack, activating the true power of her Innocence, Time Record. Following the battle, she joined the Black Order to prove herself useful as an exorcist, reappearing as a fully-fledged member when the group's ship to Edo was damaged by a swarm of level 2 Akuma.

She proved herself to be a valuable comrade during the trip and the battle against the earl in Edo, though she was not included in the group that infiltrated the arc, she could feel the 'disappearance' of Kanda and Krory's 'time' when they were caught in the destruction of their respective rooms.

During the battle with Lulu Bell at the Black Order, she used her ability to keep the Akuma Egg in place, long enough for Allen and the generals to do serious damage to it, until rendered unconscious by Lulu Bell. In the following battle with the Level 4 Akuma, she used her ability to protect those that would otherwise have died, alongside Noise Marie.

Spoiler Alert!

Not seen in the Anime, Miranda would later become infected by the matron, who had in turn been infected by Krory, who had been fed a stimulant created by Komui. She passed the infection on to Marie, in a rather shocking manner (she nibbled his neck, though to the others, especially a blushing Marie, it looked like a rather daring kiss). She would later protect a group of finders and Howard Link from an Akuma attack with her Time Record, whilst Link retrieved an Innocence Ring from the spirit of a dead chess master.

Miranda's anti-Akuma weapon, the Time Record, while originally the face of her Grandfather clock, is later redesigned into a disk that clips onto her right arm. It allows her to stop or reverse the flow of time within a set field for a short while, causing any object to revert to its original status, and enabling her comrades to fight at full strength for longer periods of time.

However, any damage the object/persons suffer prior and during the reversed time will return once the Innocence is deactivated. Furthermore, Miranda claims she cannot revive the dead, due to the fact her Innocence cannot erase time, merely reverse it temporarily.

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