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Character Profile: Arystar Krory The Third

USA Info
Japanese Info
Arystar Krory The ThirdAreisutā Kurōrī Sansei (アレイスター・クロウリー三世)Arystar Krory The Third (D.Gray-man)
Krorykins (by Lavi)Kro-chan (Lavi)
Black with white a stripeBlack with white a stripe
"Don't call me a vampire!""Don't call me a vampire!"
Iwata Mitsuo
Episode 19Episode 19

Character Description: Arystar Krory The Third

Arystar Krory The Third, known simply as Arystar or Krory to his friends, is a Romanian nobleman with a striking resemblance to the stereotypical vampire. Timid, naive, but undoubtedly a gentleman, he has never seen the world outside his estate and the small village it resides in.

Raised in his grandfather's (Arystar The First) castle, Krory never had a proper childhood, as the villagers, understandably, mistook the Krory clan for a clan of vampires due to their appearance. When his grandfather passed away, some time before the beginning of the series, Krory was left alone in the castle, with only his grandfather's antiquities and plants to keep him company.

During this time, General Cross Marian, claiming to be a friend of Arystar The First, visited the castle under the pretext of investigating the 'vampire' rumors, in fact leaving behind an infant carnivorous plant he'd borrowed from the late Count (nicknamed Rosanne, which he'd forced a 12 year old Allen to care for) containing Innocence.

Krory was later bitten by the plant Cross returned, which transferred the Innocence into his body, before wilting. Krory's teeth promptly fell out, to be replaced by fangs formed out of hardened innocence, ironically adding to his appearance as a vampire.

As a result of receiving the Innocence, Krory would instinctively, without knowing hunt down those Akuma that had infiltrated the village, but since Akuma can disguise themselves as humans, this led the townsfolk, and even a distraught Krory himself, to assume he truly WAS a vampire.

During the course of said events, he happened across Eliade, an Akuma that wore the skin of a beautiful woman, and attacked her, only to snap out of his berserker mode, possibly due to a lack of Akuma blood, leaving him confused. Eliade decided to take advantage of the Count's memory lapses to live with him in secret, comforting him for feeding on the Akuma disguised as villagers, living in solitude until the unexpected arrival of Allen Walker and Lavi.

After assaulting a disguised Akuma in front of the Exorcists, he briefly challenges them, fending off a blow from Lavi's hammer with his teeth alone, only to retreat after biting Allen's Innocence arm, comically screaming for a bucket as he threatened to retch. At their second encounter, Eliade had tricked Krory into thinking the Exorcists had assaulted her, letting him drink some of her blood to transform him into his berserk state. Allen's cursed eye evolves, allowing other's to see the souls of Akuma, thus blowing Eliade's cover. Revealed, the Akuma turns on Arystar, but during the resulting battle, when the chance comes to finish Arystar, she pauses, allowing him to kill her by draining all of her blood, weeping as he does so.

Taking up Allen's advice to become an Exorcist, Krory joins the Black Order, joining the expedition to locate General Cross Marian in Edo. There, he and fellow members of the Cross retrieval team (Lavi, Bookman, Lenalee, Miranda, and Allen) face off against Level 3 Akuma's and the infamous Noah Family, Arystar himself facing the twins Jasdero and David on the Ark in order to allow the other's to escape, but as a result was so greatly weakened that he slept through the assault on the order by Lulu Bell and the Level 4 Akuma.

Spoiler Alert!

While not shown in the anime, Krory would later wreak havoc on the Black order when a ghost feeds him a stimulant created by Komui that turns him into a deranged, Resident Evil-style monster, infecting everyone he bites in the process.(They start acting like zombies... or ghouls if you want to get technical.)

Krory's anti-Akuma weapon, as yet unnamed, allows him to break down the virus in the Akuma's blood that destroys humans, it also enables him to control his own blood and, to a lesser extent, the blood of others. To activate it, he must drink the blood of an Akuma, though the exact amount is speculative, as he transformed after licking a single drop of Eliade's blood from his hand.

When activated, his powers transform Krory into a more vampiric appearance, his hair spikes up, his eyes turn black and gold, and he becomes more brash and confident. He gains incredible strength and speed, heightened senses of sight, smell and hearing, as well as advanced regeneration capabilities, and the ability to inject his own, Innocence laced blood into his opponents' bodies.

However, his immunity to the virus is limited to his own physical strength, consuming massive amounts of it while injured makes it hard for his Innocence to break it down fast enough.

During the battle with Jasdevi of the Noah clan, he displayed the ability to harden blood over his hands to create clawed gauntlets. Later, after being impaled by an iron maiden, his blood actually leaves his body in the form of a liquid, winged vampire. This form is referred to as Bloody Krory (Buraddi Kurōrī, ブラッディ・クロウリー) and is capable of advanced regeneration and fighting on par with Jasdevi.

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