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Character Profile: Paragus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Paragus Paragus Paragus (Dragon Ball Z)
Saiyan Saiyajin
Male Male
Black Black
"Broly calm down"  
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z

Character Description: Paragus

Paragus is the father of Broly. He managed to escape when Frieza blew up the planet. Luckily his son also survived and he met up with him.

Paragus traveled the Galaxy taking over small groups of people and getting followers. Along with his son they were unbeatable. But then they heard about Goku, and so he travels to Earth to meet him, and sets up an arrangement for Broly and Goku to meet.

Character Description: Paragus

Paragus is the father of Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan. When Broly was born, his power level was 3000, the power level of the average adult Saiyan. Then King Vegeta ordered the killing of the kid, when Paragus resisted, they both where stabbed and left for dead. But destiny would take a different course, and that same day the planet would be destroyed by Frieza. Broly, almost out of instinct, creates a shield and him and his father float into space.

Thirty years later Paragus shows up to Earth, claiming to have create a new planet Vegeta and saying he wanted Vegeta to be the king. But it was a trap! Paragus leads them to a fake planet with a bunch of "Saiyan followers" (not actual Saiyans). He believes that King Vegeta was a coward, and both him and his offspring should be killed. He also wants to conquer Earth and turn it into the new planet Vegeta. His plan basically had them getting attacked by Broly. He sadly would fail, for once his control wore off of Broly, he would run away, just to be caught by Broly and be crushed.

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