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Character Profile: James Darren Emerson

USA Info
Japanese Info
James Darren Emerson James Darren Emerson James Darren Emerson (Eureka Seven)
Moondoggie Moondoggie
· · ·
Brother Doggie(by Renton) Doggie-niisan(by Renton)
Human Human
Male Male
16 years old 16 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
About 5'7" About 170 cm
LFO catapult operator(Later pilot of the Gekko-Go) LFO catapult operator(Later pilot of the Gekko-Go)
"I'm not your Brother, you idiot!" "I'm not your nii-san at all!"
Steve Staley Mamoru Miyano
Episode 3 Episode 3
Eureka Seven Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven

Character Description: James Darren Emerson

Moondoggie is one of the youngest members of the Gekko State and the newest crewman before Renton came on board. As such, he played an important role in Renton's initial hazing, (sloppily) providing the camera feed throughout Renton's experience. He eventually snaps when Renton calls him "Doggie-niisan" ("Brother Doggie" in the English Dub). He presents himself as someone who dislikes Renton, but he's really just jealous of him, as he is no longer the new guy.

He is dating Gidget, and has something of a confidence issue, often seeing himself as inferior when comparing himself to other members of the Gekko State. Originally, Moondoggie was ther operator of the LFO catapult systems and launch pads on board the Gekko-Go, but later he becomes the head pilot, replacing Talho when she has to leave the post, as he is the group's only other licensed pilot.

Towards the end of the series, he has a relatively minimal role, only being featured when piloting the Gekko-Go. His execution of unfathomably complex maneuvers suggests he may be a superior pilot to even Talho.

Moondoggie's real name is James Darren Emerson, which is a reference to James Darren, who played the character Moondoggie in the Gidget movies. Like in this series, Moondoggie was Gidget's boyfriend.

In the Japanese version, Moondoggie speaks with a heavy Kumamoto accent, which can become near unintelligible in his (frequent) more emotional states. Consequently, he talks heavy surfer talk, which sometimes requires translation, in the English Dub.

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