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Japanese Info
Saki HanajimaSaki HanajimaSaki Hanajima (Fruits Basket)
16-17 years old16-17 years old
5'4"162 cm
114.6 lbs52 kg
Psychic, Tohru's friendPsychic, Tohru's friend
"One more word, and you'll all get *beep* with electric shocks"
Daphne GereReiko Yasuhara
Fruits BasketFruits Basket

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Character Description: Saki Hanajima

Hana is a very scary character in Fruits Basket. She is somewhat psychic, and is always sneaking up on people. She is always willing to do anything to make Tohru happy. Like Arisa, she wishes to return the favor of friendship to Tohru for being her first real friend.

When you look it all over, Hana really is a good person, no matter how scary or mysterious.

Hana is very protective of her friends, especially Tohru. Hana has an electromagnetic power that allows her to sense the good and evil in people as well as the ability to see their auras. On top of this strange ability, her rather gothic demeanor scares many of the students at her school.

Character Description: Manga Version

Saki Hanajuma (Hana) was born with the power of electric signals. With this power, Hana was able to hear the inner voices of her family as well as other people. Because of this, Hana's family moved to a different town, in hopes that it would help Hana. Her entire family, including her brother Megumi, were worried about her and helped her however they could. Everyone called Hana a witch at school and even picked on her because she was very gloomy and didn't talk. Soon everyone at school turned against Hana.

One day, a boy made Hana eat live newts because it was said that witches ate them. When Hana refused, they held her down and shoved them in her mouth. Completely infuriated, Hana began to hate the boy and even wished with all her heart that he would die. All of a sudden, the boy collapsed and Hana was introduced to her Poison Waves. Hana felt guilty after that and knew that it was her fault that he collapsed. Afterward she wore nothing but black. Everyone believed that she "the witch" had cursed the boy. Soon every little thing that went wrong, was blamed on Hana. She was outcast from everyone else at school.

Megumi was like a ray of light to Hana's life, and helped her with her problems. He prayed for someone to help Hana and be a friend to her, even love her. Soon everyone hated Hana and didn't want her to go to school. She almost sent out poison waves to a group of girls that tried to burn her arm since they were curious about Hana's waves. Her family then decided to move and start a new life for Hana once again.

When Hana transferred to her new school, she met Tohru Honda at lunch. Arisa Uotani (Uo) even invited Hana to sit with her and Tohru. Although Hana warned them that she didn't want to associate with them, Tohru and Arisa insisted on being friends with Hana. After spending time with Arisa and Tohru, Hana became friends with them and they formed "a team".

Soon enough, two girls found out about Hana's Poison Waves and the incident with Hana and the boy back in Elementary School. When Hana remembered, she accidently shot her Poison Waves at one of the girls. Scared, Hana runs away from Tohru and Arisa. Both of them follow her until Hana tells them to stay away from her. She apologizes for not telling them and again tells them to stay away because she didn't want to hurt anyone. Tohru ignores Hana's plea and tells her that they had become too close to just give up. Arisa then tells Hana that they want her back but Hana should decide weather to stay with them or not. Hana decides to stay close friends and then the three of them stayed a team.

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