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Maki UmezakiMaki UmezakiMaki Umezaki (Geobreeders)
Crimson Shooting StarRed Shooting Star
Light BlueLight Blue
Weapons master of Kagura SecurityWeapons master of Kagura Security
Let's hear it for firepower!

Character Description: Maki Umezaki

Maki Umezaki is the gun toting maniac of the group. If it shoots bullets, grenades, or missiles, she will use it.

Maki Umezaki loves old movies that have plenty of gun fights in them. She talks like Clint Eastwood, and dresses like Tom Wolfe. Maki Umezaki prefers to wear a suit, and she can almost always be seen in the same suit, day in day out. Her hat is the most important part of her outfit. She never takes off her hat, never. You can see her sleeping in it, bathing in it, fighting Phantom Cats in it. If she loses her hat, she gets real mad, and takes her anger out on anyone that is near her, usually a Phantom Cat.

Maki Umezaki always makes tries to make an entrance. She will quote snazzy, catchy lines from her favorite movies, strike a pose, and say something like, "Kagura Security's Maki Umezaki to the rescue. The nickname is RED SHOOTING STAR!"

Maki Umezaki wants everyone to call her Red Shooting Star.

Maki Umezaki is in love with guns, actually, any kind of firearm. If you want to know something about a gun, she can tell you everything about it. She is also very good with guns as well. Maki Umezaki thinks that firepower will get you through any fight with the Phantom Cats. But she usually runs out of ammo before the fight is half over, or her entrance gets her hurt in some way. Don't stand near her when she starts shooting off her guns, because she doesn't care what she hits.

Maki Umezaki also enjoys going to parties, and going to the beach, both in a bathing suit, and her hat.

Also, a Phantom Cat that catches Maki Umezaki alone tells her that he will enjoy killing the last member of the original Kagura Security. This just shows us that we know nothing about Kagura Security.

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