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Character Profile: Takami Sakuragi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Takami Sakuragi Takami Sakuragi Takami Sakuragi (Geobreeders)
Human Human
Female Female
Blue Blue
Blue Blue
Main computer operator for Kagura Security Main computer operator for Kagura Security
Geobreeders Geobreeders

Character Description: Takami Sakuragi

Takami Sakuragi is the resident computer nerd at Kagura Security. Just like all anime computer nerds, she wears glasses. Takami Sakuragi is also the resident cook.

If you need to hack into something, or gain control of a computer, she is the one who can do it. Takami Sakuragi is also the one who tracks the Phantom Cats, or locate them if need be.

Takami Sakuragi is the shy one of the group, and nice as well. She is also the second most sane one of the group as well, second to Yoichi Taba. She is also willing to listen to everyone, and help them the best she can.

Takami Sakuragi prefers to travel on her Rollerblades, instead of the Kagura van, but has to ride in the van because the president, Yuka, says so.

TakamiTakami Sakuragi is just as willing as everyone else to go into battle with the Phantom Cats. She wields butterfly knives, with grenades attached to them. Butterfly knives look like the letter Y, with the base of the Y as the blade, and the top of the Y as the handles, where the grenades are attached.

If you ask Takami Sakuragi where she gets all the knives and grenades, she just says that Miss Umezaki, the gun toating manic, gives them to her.

Takami Sakuragi is someone you can rely on in a battle with the Phantom Cats, until something stresses her out, or scares her. Then you don't want her around, because she becomes completly helpless. She enters a form of comatose state. Call it "escape reality mode," "losing it," or what ever else you can think of. Her eyes become large, and tear filled, she just stands there, starts to drool, and babbles incoherently. If something is falling, she looks up at it, and ... she is gone, standing there helpless.

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