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Character Profile: Hiya-n

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hiya-n(unoffical name) Hiya-n(unoffical name) Hiya-n (Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin)
· · ·
Hiyan(common misspelling) Hiyan(common misspelling)
Akita Inu(Dog) Akita Inu(Dog)
Male Male
Probably less than a year Probably less than a year
Brown and tan Brown and tan
Black Black
Gin's Sibling Gin's Sibling
Episode 1: The Small Hero... Gin's Birth! Episode 1: The Small Hero... Gin's Birth!
Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Character Description: Hiya-n

Hiya-n is one of Gin's siblings, born from Fuji who mated with Riki. Hiya-n is not this character's official name, rather this character ceases to even have a name. It is not mentioned in the anime or the manga itself what this character's true name is. Hiya-n has another sibling named Giyan, another dog who's name is unofficial.

Although Riki, a very strong Akita Inu, was the father... both Hiya-n and Giyan would not make good bear-hounds. After Riki died and Takeda Gohei came to Daisuke, the dogs' owner, to find a new bear-hound for his own services. Both Hiya-n and Giyan are whacked with a stick and they run back to Fuji for comfort. Then Takeda Gohei takes Gin, the Tora-ge Akita Inu sibling, instead.

During the series, Gin finds a pack of wild dogs. He hears howling from their pack leader and becomes very curious. When he runs away from home to find them, Daisuke soon realizes that Gin is gone and looks in the 'stable' where his dogs' living quarters are. Here we see Hiya-n and Giyan grown up. However, Giyan is the only one whom we get to see his 'new grownup' face.

There is no more information about Gin's siblings.

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