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Dark MatterDark MatterDark Matter (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Dark beingDark being
Mysterious dark being from outer spaceMysterious dark being from outer space
Pilot episodePilot episode
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Dark Matter

Dark Matter only appeared in the pilot episode for the anime Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, which is the same pilot episode that a girl resembling Tiff appears in (where she is a friend of Kirby just like she is in the final version). It appeared along with Captain Stitch, Meta Knight, the Ice Dragon, Master Green, Efreeti, Blocky, Haboki, Sweet Stuff, and Mr. P. Umpkin. After inhaling Captain Stitch and spitting him out at Meta Knight (who in the pilot episode has an expression unlike the one in the final version), Kirby inhaled the Ice Dragon and copied his Ice ability, and froze Dark Matter with it.

The Dark Matter in the pilot episode of the anime is MUCH less dangerous than its game incarnation, which poses as a threat to not just Popstar, but the entire universe as well. Dark Matter is controlled by O, the second resident universal dominator and ultimate evil in Kirby's universe, the first being Nightmare himself. Dark Matter in the games can only be defeated by whatever magical items Kirby wields, such as the Rainbow Sword, the LoveLove Stick, and the Crystal gun, but in the pilot episode of the anime, it is easily defeated by Kirby's Ice ability. Also, a being similar to Nightmare appears in the end, which confuses many Kirby fans into thinking that it is indeed Nightmare, which may lead them to think that Nightmare has far more control than Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is considered a relative of Dark Mind, the final boss of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Dark Nebula, the final boss of Kirby: Squeak Squad, and Drawcia, the main antagonist and final boss of Kirby: Canvas Curse.

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