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Character Profile: Kit Cosmos

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kit Cosmos Dakoonyo Kit Cosmos (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)
Sargeant Cosmos  
Star Warrior Star Warrior
Male Male
Very old Very old
Gray fur Gray fur
Black Black
Sargeant of the Star Warrior Army Sargeant of the Star Warrior Army
"During some of my missions I went for weeks with nothin' to eat but dirt!"  
Mike Pollock  
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Hoshi no Kirby
· · ·
Kirby: Fright to the Finish  

Character Description: Kit Cosmos

Kit Cosmos is the sargeant of the Star Warrior army. He was stranded on an island while the Star Warriors were still fighting the monsters made by Nightmare.

When he first met Kirby and his friends, he believed them to be monsters, but soon he realized they really weren't monsters after all, so he started to train them and teach them how to battle monsters. When Tuff dropped his pocket knife out of his pocket, which had Meta Knight's mask on it, the kids realized that Kit Cosmos had a connection to Meta Knight, and soon, the sargeant realized the war between the Star Warriors and N.M.E.'s monsters was really over. After Kirby and his friends helped him and saved his island from a Nightmare Enterprises monster called Tornadon, Kit Cosmos wanted to stay on his island after all and told Kirby to salute Meta Knight for him.

Kit Cosmos also helped Kirby and the gang in their final battle against Nightmare (or N.M.E.). While he did, he was joined by other friends of Meta Knight and Kirby, such as Sir Arthur, Sir Noisurato, Sir Palshiparu, some purple guy, Silica, and Knuckle Joe.

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