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SiricaSiricaSirica (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
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Silica (alternate spelling)Silica (alternate spelling)
Some teenSome teen
Daughter of a star warriorDaughter of a star warrior
"Hand over Galaxia!"
Veronica Taylor
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby
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Kirby: Fright to the Finish

Character Description: Sirica

Sirica came down to cappy town seeking revenge on Meta Knight, who she thought had killed her mother Garlude, a legendary fighter alongside Meta Knight. King Dedede and Escargoon were after her after she started attacking them (her weapon shoots missles, a grappling hook, and triples as a sword). She tries to kill Meta Knight and claim Galaxia (Meta Knight's legendary sword) as her own.

The story, in her mind, is this: "My mother got killed trying to get Galaxia! But you didnt do anything! You just stood there until she died and killed Kirisakin with her, then you took Galaxia as your own!". Later outside, the legendary monster Kirisakin is back, and it wants Galaxia!

When Galaxia is knocked out of Meta Knight's hand, she walks over to it to pick it up. Meta Knight warns her not to, and she still tries to pry the sword from the ground, but is electricutes her and then she feels the true story from the power of Galaxia.

Her mother sacraficed herself for the sword, and she knew that Meta Knight was the only one who could use the sword. Later, she keeps trying for Galaxia, feeling that if her mother sacrificed herself, she would too. In the end, Kirisakin is defeated again and peace comes between Sirica and Meta Knight.

Character Description: Sirica

Sirica is the daughter of a famous and legendary Star Warrior named Garloot (or Garlude, however you want to spell it), who traveled with Meta Knight in order to help get Galaxia back. They were eventually attacked by the legendary monster Kirisakin. Garloot was overpowered, but luckily she threw Galaxia to Meta Knight, who claimed it as his own and ran off, though feeling sorry for leaving Garloot to perish. According to Galaxia, Garloot actually had to sacrifice herself for it.

Sirica came to Dreamland to try to steal Galaxia from Meta Knight in order to avenge her mother's death. She easily defeated Meta Knight, knocked Galaxia out of his hand and then tried to lift it off the ground, but ended up being electrocuted and she realized the surprising truth; her mother had to sacrifice herself for Galaxia.

Then came Kirisakin, whom Dedede downloaded because he was scared out of his wits of Sirica. She had a difficult fight with him, but Kirby helped. Sirica tossed Galaxia to Kirby, and then it didn't take long for him to use Galaxia to destroy Kirisakin. After that, peace finally came between Sirica and Meta Knight, who told her that her mother should be proud. Sirica left Dreamland and bidded farewell to her new friends. During the time of the final battle between the Halbird Crew and Nightmare Enterprises, Sirica also helped her friends defeat N.M.E. and was eventually joined by Sir Arthur, Sir Palship, Sir Noisurato, Sir Dragato, Knuckle Joe, and Kit Cosmos.

Sirica is a very talented fighter. She is an excellent swordswoman and is also skilled at everything weaponry. Her only weapon is actually many weapons in one. Her weapon can transform into a sword, a bazooka, a machine gun, a flamethrower, and a grappling hook. It's been said that Sirica is very famous and popular among Kirby fans who watch this show! Sirica first appeared in Episode 60, "Crusade for the Blade", otherwise known in Japanese as "Sacred Sword! Galaxia".

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