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Character Profile: Kenichi Kurokawa

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Japanese Info
Kenichi Kurokawa Kenichi Kurokawa Kenichi Kurokawa (Mezzo Forte)
"Noodles" Kurokawa  
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"Baldy"(by Mikura)  
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Mr. K  
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Mr. Kuro(by Harada)  
Human Human
Male Male
Late 40's - early 50's Late 40's - early 50's
Gray(balding) Gray(balding)
Brown Brown
Ex-police detective Ex-police detective
Felix Cooper(Mezzo Forte), Andy McArvin(Mezzo: Danger Service Agency) Taichiro Hirokawa(Mezzo: Danger Service Agency)
Mezzo Forte Mezzo Forte
· · ·
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency Mezzo: Danger Service Agency

Character Description: Kenichi Kurokawa

Originally, Kenichi Kurokawa was a detective with the Tokyo Police Department. One of his nicknames was "Noodles", mostly because of his obsessive love of pasta. At the time he had became a detective, he had an idealistic attitude towards his job. But in the prevailing years, he had grown cynical of his job, mostly from seeing obviously-guilty criminals go free. As a result, he, like others in his department, had used questionable tactics to catch the crooks. A couple of the ones he had arrested were Mikura Suzuki and Harada Tomohisa.

However, on one case, something went wrong... and Kurokawa was the only one that was fired, which meant the loss of his pension. Feeling angry and betrayed, he had then written a tell-all book about the workings of the T.P.D., under a pseudonym. It had two effects: It embarrassed many in the police department because of its revelations, and it became a best-seller.

Sometime later, Kurokawa had joined Mikura and Harada in forming the Danger Service Agency. Although he acts as the group's leader, mostly by arranging jobs for them, he mainly acts as the group's cook, although he mostly cooks noodle dishes (not to mention the occasional instant noodles, for which Mikura and Harada are sick of). However, his knowledge in police tactics and underworld workings IS valuable to the group. He also drives a mid 1960's Volkswagen Beetle, which he constantly obsesses with and is loathe to see damaged. He also chafes at Mikura's constant ribbing of his receding hairline.

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