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Harry MacDougallHarry MacDougall (Outlaw Star)
Human CyborgHuman Cyborg
19 years old19 years old
Outlaw, Ron's litte brotherOutlaw, Ron's litte brother
"I'll blow em to smithereens, I'll blow em to smithereens, I'll blow em to smithereens!"
Steve StaleyTsutomu Kashiwakura
Episode 4, "When the Hot Ice Melts"Episode 4, "When the Hot Ice Melts"
Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Harry MacDougall

Harry is the yonger, more extreme half of the MacDougall brothers. Basically, Harry gets to have all of the fun, whether it is engaging in a space race or firing a Halcyon missile at an asteroid (Harry making things go BOOM).

Harry is Gene's first personal contact with the MacDougalls, but it won't be the last. Harry challenges the Outlaw Star to a battle in an asteroid field against his El Dorado. It was actually part of a plot to destroy the Outlaw Star by employing both the El Dorado and its twin, the Shangri La. Gene, however, outmaneuvers Harry and manages to injure him and wreck the El Dorado.

Harry is a bit of an unstable sort, and that injury just makes him that much more crazy. His brother Ron eventually asks Gwen Khan to help him out. Khan fits the Shangri La with an interface chamber similar to Melfina's in the Outlaw Star. He also replaces Harry's damaged cybernetics with a full cyborg body. Not only does the body have the capacity for high speed and lethal claw attacks, but Khan also programs some of the secrets from the Grave of the Dragon into the body, giving him the ability to uncover the Galactic Leyline.

Harry's been fitted with cybernetic implants that allow him to interact with computer systems. He actually first encountered Melfina in cyberspace, when he ran into her digital persona in an attempt to hack into the Outlaw Star's computer. From then on, he becomes obsessed with making Melfina his own, which is why he becomes so determined to be first to the center of the Galactic Leyline. Though Harry is powerful in his new body, he's still no match for Hazanko, though. Hazanko proceeds to wring him out like a rag doll. When Gwen Khan arrives, he manages to get a barely-alive Harry to help him and Gene one last time by unlocking the door to the heart of the Leyline. In doing so, he meets Melfina's digital persona again and makes a final request: that she sing her special song for him someday.

A part of Harry lives on, however, in the Shangri La's computer. Before setting out to find Melfina, Harry transferred some of his own data to create an AI for the ship, and this AI would prove a lifesaver for his brother Ron.

Character Description: Harry MacDougall

Harry is a weirdo nutball with a thirst for destruction. As Ron's brother, he has helped with all of Ron's plans. Harry also likes Melfina at first sight (Paradise by the Dashboard Light).

When Harry first contacts Gene, they are in a band of meteors, with Ron in his ship, the Shangra-La, and Harry in his ship, the El Dorado. After that battle, El Dorado and Harry are seriously damaged, when Gwen Khan shows up and gives Harry a rundown with new surgical steel arms and other parts. After their second meeting, Harry is given a computer tube thingy like Melfina's, because his body is trashed.

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