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Character Profile: Ronald MacDougall

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ronald MacDougallRon MacDougall
35 years35 years
Outlaw, Harry's older brotherOutlaw
Jack EmmetKazuhiro Nakata
Episode 4, "When the Hot Ice Melts"Episode 4, "When the Hot Ice Melts"
Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Ronald MacDougall

Ronald MacDougall is the older, down-to-earth half of the infamous MacDougall brothers. He's the MacDougall that handles all the finer details about the business. Basically, he handles the money and takes the contracts and lets his little brother Harry have all the fun. His terms are generally very simple: you've got the money (and bring lots), he's got the time.

The MacDougalls have been doing very good business over the previous years, acquiring twin ships (the El Dorado and the Shangri La) and lots of high-tech weapons and gadgetry. Gene and company learned firsthand of Ron's affluence when the entire crew found itself at odds just trying to fight him.

Gene has a bone to pick with Ron. He recognized one of his ships as the one that staged the pirate raid that killed his father... the same one that just recently contributed to "Hot Ice" Hilda's death while the MacDougalls were contracted by the Kei Pirates.

Ron is probably the only other Outlaw besides Gene Starwind to have a Caster. That's why Gene can't beat Ron with normal Caster Shells (when two shells collide, they tend to fizzle each other out). But then, the last time they met, aboard the Galactic Leyline, Gene managed to stack the deck in his favor when he fired the dangerous #9 shell, which overpowered the fizzle and caught Ron by surprise, sending him tumbling over an edge. His life was saved only because he was retrieved by the Shangri La (which now had Harry's personality programmed into an AI). Ron is able to recuperate in the interface chamber, and he makes a promise: that someday, the MacDougalls would be back.

Character Description: Ronald MacDougall

Ron is the older brother of Harry, and the owner of the Shangra-La. He meets Gene in a restaurant, meeting to ask him about the Outlaw Star and its whereabouts.

After the Meteor Batttle, they find Gwen Khan and have him fix Harry. Ron reluctantly agrees to have him come with. He is the authority behind their organization and the one that carries the other castor gun, as well as other guns.

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