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Keigo AtobeKeigo Atobe (跡部 景吾)Keigo Atobe (Prince of Tennis)
Monkey King (by Ryoma)
About 14-15 years old (born October 24)About 14-15 years old (born October 24)
Light brown (manga), Dark Gray (anime)Light brown (manga), Dark Gray (anime)
Dark BlueDark Blue
5'9"175 cm
176.4 lbs80 kg
"Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na" ("Be awed at the sight of my prowess!")
Prince of TennisTennis no Ojisama

Character Description: Keigo Atobe

Along with Tezuka, Tachibana, Sanada and Yukimura, Keigo Atobe is a National level player. VERY Narcisstic and arrogant, he always says "Be awed at the sight of my prowess!" against any opponent he meets. The entire Hyoutei were his fans and always cheers, "The winner is Hyoutei" or if the regulars were playing, they say the same, only, not Hyoutei but the regulars' names. Atobe could even shut them up by just snapping his fingers and they'd stop automatically like well-trained dogs.

It's common knowledge that he is VERY rich, owning mansions and chateaus, one of which, is in Karuizawa, nearby Seigaku's cabin by the beach. He also owns a HUGE blimp where on top of it is Atobe-land, his own amusement park and dome shown in Movie 2. In movie 1, he had a speedboat wherein he rode on it to follow Sakurafubuki's ship with ships belonging to the police he hired to capture Sakurafubuki and rescue Seigaku after hearing from Oshitari that they got invited by this guy on a cruise. Atobe however, knows all wealthy people his family knows and had not heard of Sakurafubuki so he undergoes INTENSE research with Oshitari's help.

After some hacking, he found out Sakurafubuki is one of the crime lords, dealing with gambling, smuggling drugs, trafficking, fraud, and illegal possession of firearms with added crime: kidnapping: the Seigaku boys and some tennis players. So Seigaku owes him for this and despite the rivalry, became good friends with Atobe and Oshitari only as the other players don't know this.

Besides that, Atobe isn't just a pampered self-centered diva without real qualities backing him up. He's VERY proud of being on the Hyoutei team and earned his position through hard work and real talent, as well as wanting to be on top of everything. Stellar grades, looks, wealth, reputation, you name it! He also appreciates his teammates' worth as shown when he defends Shishido from Sakaki with Choutarou Ohtori who was willing to sacrifice his position for Shishido. He also recognizes Tezuka's might after their match, even lifting his hand to show that he fought hard and deserved praising.

He also hates it when his opponent goes easy on him but does not mind going easy on THEM and says it when in the senbatsu, pitted against Billy Cassidy and Michael Lee in a doubles match, paired up with Sanada. They won obviously and changed his catch phrase to "Ore-sama TACHI no bigi ni yoi na!" meaning, "Be awed at the sight of OUR prowess!" performing Tango to destruction, an inspiration when Atobe and Sanada saw each other in a Tango concert that they watched some time ago.

Besides being Hyoutei's captain, he is also president of the student body, again, leading the whole school by himself with such capability, hence, everyone's trust in him. In the Nationals, he and Ryoma made a bet: whoever loses gets a shave. And lose he did, when he lost consciousness after standing up despite fatigue. Taki Haginosuke offered to get shaved in his place which both Ryoma and Atobe brushed away and Atobe himself shaves his head, but only slightly to change his hairstyle.

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