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Project A-koProject A-ko (γƒ—γƒ­γ‚Έγ‚§γ‚―γƒˆA子)Project A-ko
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Project A-ko Vs. BattlesProject A-ko Vs. Battles
6 OVA episodes (A-ko)6 OVA episodes (A-ko)
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2 OVA episodes (A-ko Vs Battles)2 OVA episodes (A-ko Vs Battles)
Discotek Media, US Manga CorpsSoeshinsha/Final/NEXTART
Katsuhiko Nishijima, Kazumi Shiraishi, Yuji Moriyama
Comedy, Sci-FiComedy, Sci-Fi
A-ko MagamiEiko Magami
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon, and on VHS at Amazon.

Characters: Project A-ko

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
A-ko Magami Eiko Magami K Kei Yuki
B-ko Daitokuji Biko Daitokuji Liza (A-ko Vs Battles) Raiza Chichi (A-ko Vs Battles)
C-ko Kotobuki Shiko Kotobuki Maruten (A-ko Vs Battles) Maruten (A-ko Vs Battles)
Captain Napolipolita Captain Napolipolita Miss Ayumi Miss Ayumi
D --?-- Asa βŠ• Asa βŠ•
Gail (A-ko Vs Battles) --?-- Mari βŠ• Mari βŠ•
Grash (A-ko Vs Battles) --?--

Description: Project A-ko

Project A-ko consists of two different OVA series- the normal series and the Versus Battle series. In both series, Project A-ko is the action-packed and hilarious parody of just about every known genre of anime in the 1980's. The focus of the entire regular series of stories are three girls who attend Graviton High School. There is A-ko, the supposed heroine; B-ko, her rival; and cute C-ko, the object of the whole mess...and I do mean MESS. Then you have hilarious extras, such as B-ko's little spy force, the crossdressed aliens from outer space, the suave-looking K, Graviton teacher Miss Ayumi, and a whole lot more.

You want hardcore action? Giant mecha robots? Alien invasions? Superpowered girls? Bitter conflicts? Lots of damage? How about all this wrapped around a hefty chunk of humor? Then Project A-ko is just the thing.

The Versus Battle series of Project Ako has the same characters, but in a totally different setting. We now take you to a space story where the fate of the universe as we know it is at stake. The focus of the conflict is (once again) C-ko, who is kidnapped by space pirates who crash on a sandy planet, losing C-ko in the process.

Meanwhile, the huntress A-ko is heading back to the house to rejoin her friend and partner B-ko (this is NOT a mistake) when C-ko literally drops in. They soon realize who C-ko is and were preparing to take her back (for probably a big reward) when the pirates literally wreck the place and take C-ko away again. The opposition is tough, including their leader, Gail. But A-ko gets help from the Space Patrol, in the form of tiny Maruten.

All the action, all the metal, and all the hilarity you come to expect from Project A-ko is still there. The stakes have just become infinitely higher.

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