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Soemon ObiichiSoemon ObiichiSoemon Obiichi (Saber Marionette J)
Light Black (blond when disguised as Rudens)Light Black (blond when disguised as Rudens)
Black (usually closed)Black (usually closed)
Martial Arts, and Swordplay masterMartial Arts, and Swordplay master
Saber Marionette JSaber Marionette J

Character Description: Soemon Obiichi

Soemon Obiichi grew up in Japoness. He became a master of martial arts and swordsmanship. His skills are unmatched.

But, Soemon's story goes back before Otaru and the Marionettes, Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry.

One day, Soemon found a marionette. This marionette was just a regular marionette. Soemon took her home, and took care of her. But he was unhappy with the fact that she had no emotions. He quickly made it a part of his life to make her smile. Every attempt to make her smile, failed.

Soon, the other people of Japoness, began to see him as different. They think that Soemon is crazy for "loving" a marionette. They put up with him for a short while, but soon drove him out of Japoness, and Soemon took his marionette with him. Soemon had given her a name, Koyuki.

Soemon traveled for many months, each time being chased away, because of the amount of time he spent trying to get Koyuki to smile. Soemon soon came to Gartlant, which is ruled by Faust.

Soemon was shocked by what he saw in Gartlant, marionettes with emotion, the Saber Dolls, Tiger, Luchs, and Panther. He asked Faust how come they had emotion. Faust told him that it was because they had Maiden Circuits. Soemon wanted to know how he could get a Maiden Circuit. Faust quickly promised that if Soemon went back to Japoness, and spy on Japoness, Faust would give him a Maiden Circuit, which was a hollow promise that Faust could never fulfill. Soemon agreed to the deal, spy on Japoness, and get a Maiden Circuit for Koyuki.

Soemon returned to Japoness, but left Koyuki in a cottage outside of Japoness territory. But Soemon discovered that he was returning to a more accepting Japoness. Soemon opened a dojo to teach others Martial Arts and Swordsmanship.

One day, Soemon saw Otaru in a fight with other students from Otaru's school. Otaru lost that fight. Soemon pulled Otaru out of school, and promised to teach Otaru how to defend himself.

If you thought that your teachers were bad, then you have never met Soemon. You continue to do something until you complete it the way that Soemon wants it done. If you miss one day of training, it will take you three days more to learn what you missed that day. If it is not done right, then do it again until it is done right.

Rubens After Otaru discovered the Marionettes, Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry, Soemon accepted them as students as well, and was also surprised that they also had Maiden Circuits. Soemon quickly grew to love the Marionettes, and has saved them, and Otaru, many times.

But, Soemon is still working for Faust, by spying of Japoness. Every so often, Soemon returns to Gartlant. While in Gartlant, Soemon puts on a disguise, uniform and wig, and takes the name of Rubens. Rubens gives all the information, he has collected to Faust and his advisors. Rubens is also required to find a way to infiltrate the Japoness government. He constantly hopes that the next delivery of information will finally bring him the reward of a Maiden Circuit.

Only Faust, Koyuki, and the Saber Dolls know that Rubens, is actually Soemon Obiichi.

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