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Princess KaguyaPrincess KaguyaPrincess Kaguya (Sailor Moon S: The Movie- Hearts In Ice)
Princess Snow KaguyaPrincess Snow Kaguya
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Snow Queen KaguyaSnow Queen Kaguya
Icy blueIcy blue
Susan AceronEiko Masuyama
Sailor Moon S: The Movie- Hearts In IceBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: The Movie

Character Description: Princess Kaguya

Princess Snow Kaguya wanted to freeze all of Earth in order to add it to her collection. She had tried once before, but failed because she was hit by a great light. For a large part of the movie, Kaguya gets her "Snow Dancers" to find her lost crystal. She is destroyed by the power of the Silver Crystal "The Great light"

Character Description: Princess Kaguya

Years ago, Princess Kaguya attempted to freeze earth and add it to her collection. In order to do that, she sent four crystals to earth and planted them there so her snow dancers could use the power of the crystal to freeze the earth. That night, Kakeru was looking at the night sky and spotted "the comet" flying towards earth. He found the crystal and told his girlfriend, Himeko, that this is the Princess Snow Kaguya comet (he's had this dream since he was a little child). Himeko was telling him that he must be crazy, and the power of the crystal kicked in, draining Kakeru's life energy.

Kaguya then decided to send her snow dancers to earth and find the crystal! The Snow Dancers began to freeze up Tokyo, while looking for the crystal. The Scouts noticed their arrival, and began to kill each snow dancer that fought them. Eventually, Sailor Moon used her "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" on the last snow dancer that remained, killing her and unfreezing Tokyo. Kaguya underestimated the people of earth, since her snow dancers in Tokyo were all destroyed. She called on her other snow dancers that went searching for the crystal. They said they didn't find it, so Kaguya ordered them to "Find it!" She recalled how years ago, she almost froze earth, but a "Great Light" forced her back in space, keeping her on her icy comet.

Eventually, a snow dancer found that Kakeru had one of the crystals, so she reported to Kaguya, and Kaguya confronted Kakeru, stealing the crystal and laughing at him, since he had guessed right that she was the legendary Princess Snow Kaguya. She teleported to the ocean where she threw the crystal into the water, activating the ice burg her snow dancers created to explode the ocean, freezing all of the world. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto fought against the snow dancers, but the crystal granted more snow dancers by using more of Kakeru's life energy.

Eventually, Sailor Moon used the Purity Chalice (Holy Grail) and used her ultimate "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" to counterattack Kaguya's icy attacks, but the ice attacks went right through her attack! Kaguya decided to "eliminate the pain" for Sailor Moon, so she began to fuel for her superior attack. Super Sailor Moon then activated the Silver Crystal, which encouraged her fellow scouts to accompany and help her.

Kaguya was getting impatient and launched her ultimate attack, but Super Sailor Moon used her power to boost the Silver Crystal's power, for one superior attack. Kaguya then remembered that the crystal was "The Great Light"! The Silver Crystal finally eliminated Kaguya's attack, killing Kaguya, and destroying her icy planet in outer space.

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