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Kakeru OzoraKakeru OozoraKakeru Ozora (Sailor Moon)
Appears to be in his 30'sAppears to be in his 30's
Jeff LumbyMasami Kikuchi
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Character Description: Kakeru Ozora

Kakeru appears when Luna is walking home, sick with a cold. She falls to the ground while a car is speeding right toward her. Kakeru jumps and grabs Luna just before she is hit.

Luna then discovers that Kakeru has a girlfriend, Himeko. Kakeru claims that one night, he saw a comet, the Princess Snow Kaguya's Comet. A crystal was then sent to Earth and he found it. Himeko says that he's dreaming, and sometimes his ideas are a little crazy. Suddenly, the power of the crystal kicks in, sucking part of Kakeru's life energy into it.

As time goes on, his illness becomes worse. Right before Himeko is about to go to outer space, she says goodbye and also asks if she can stay with him for the week. He said no because his ideas and her ideas don't match. She tried reasoning with him, but he ended up shouting, "No!! It's over!!!" Himeko ran out the room, sobbing. Kakeru then began to cry because deep down he truly cared for her.

Luna was hoping to do something, but she couldn't. Then, Kaguya's snow dancer found the crystal and stole it from Kakeru, telling him that her plan can't be stopped now. Kakeru makes an attempt to warn Himeko, but ends up on the ground due to too much loss of life energy.

After Super Sailor Moon killed the real Kaguya, she wished that Luna would turn into the Princess Kaguya that he had dreamed off. She took him into space and showed him the magnificent sunrise, and he realized that Kaguya was actually Luna, with the Crest Moon on her head. She told Kakeru that Himeko loves her, and he should be with her. Luna thanks Kakeru for rescuing her, and says good-bye.

Once Himeko is back at Narita Airport, Kakeru goes back with a bouquet of roses. Himeko notices him and runs and hugs him with joy.

They're back together.

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