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Pacifica CasullPacifica CasullPacifica Casull (Scrapped Princess)
Scrapped PrincessScrapped Princess
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Providence BreakerProvidence Breaker
15 years old15 years old
5'2"157 cm
"I'm tired"!!"I'm tired"!!
Kari WahlgrenFumiko Orikasa
Episode 1: Overture of the Abandoned-Cat PrincessEpisode 1: Overture of the Abandoned-Cat Princess
Scrapped PrincessScrapped Princess

Character Description: Pacifica Casull

To the world at large, she is known as "The Poison That Will Destroy the World": the Scrapped Princess. One of the last prophecies of the Church of Mauser declared that a princess would be born on the continent of Dustbin whose sixteenth birthday would presage the end of the world. So it was that the female twin born of the royal family fifteen-plus years ago was to be sacrificed for the sake of the world. However, the man who was to carry out the deed could not find evil in the baby and let her live. Eventually, she became the adopted youngest child of a family of highly-trained swordsmen and sorcerers: the Casulls. They named the girl Pacifica, after the ancient word for peace, echoing in this name the hope that the girl would not bring about the end.

To those who know the truth, such as Zephyrus, she is very different. To her, Pacifica is "The Final Hope": the Providence Breaker. There is indeed a sleeping power within her, but when driven to desperation, bits of this power can emerge from her that prove true Zephyrus' words. People are normally compelled by the power of "Providence" to follow the will of Peacemakers, but Pacifica is herself immune to Providence, and because of ancient restrictions placed upon them, the Peacemakers cannot act on Pacifica directly (they must act through human agents and Proxies). And if Pacifica, in emotional turmoil, releases a burst of her inner power, anyone within range of the magic lose the link to Providence and regain their free will.

Beyond these prophecies, Pacifica is rather just an ordinary spoiled girl who hadn't had to go through a lot of difficulties in life. This makes adjusting to life on the run and especially life in the crosshairs very difficult for her.

Character Description: Pacifica Casull

Pacifica Casull was born in the royal family of Leiwan. The St. Grendel Prophecy says that she "would be the poison that would destroy the world when she turns 16".

As a baby, she was dropped from a cliff, but unfortunately she had survived. She earned the name "Scrapped Princess" because of her fate.

She was later rescued by the Casull family. Shannon, a powerful swordsman and Raquel, a powerful magician became her protectors. They travel constantly with people trying to kill Pacifica.

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