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Master Sha-WenMaster Sha-WenMaster Sha-Wen (Shaman King)
96 years old (at time of death) (Born March 31, 1895)96 years old (at time of death) (Born March 31, 1895)
Type OType O
"What does it mean to kill the ego? What is true Kung Fu?"
Volume 2: Kung-Fu masterVolume 2: Kung-Fu master
Shaman KingShaman King

Character Description: Master Sha-Wen

Born March 31, 1895, Sha-Wen founded a variation of prestigious shaolin temple style. He was also the teacher who taught Bailong Kung-Fu. He was the master of Rui-Chong Quan Kung Fu, the basis of Bailong's Dao Dan Do, and he taught Bailong his philosophy of life. Judging by how old he was I'm guessing he died in 1991 of old age.

Anna summoned Sha-Wen when Jun couldn't control Bailong anymore. When he was spirit channeled into Yoh, the first thing he says is "eh? What's that?" Now at first it does look like Bailong would hit Yoh, the old man, but Sha-Wen perfectly dodged it. He says,

Why so pale, boy? Neither technique nor brute force nor youth enable mastery of the martial arts. The most essential thing is to kill the ego. Even though you're dead you still haven't kill your ego.

He also says that rage consumes his soul and he could easily defeat Bailong even at his age. He had to give Bailong the final lesson with his own hands.

When he sees Bailong as a ghost, he was glad that he regained his senses, and he should thank the boy who endured two possessions and two battles just to save you. He tells Bailong that his Dao Dan Do will live on in people's hearts, and he should be grateful. He did offer Bailong a tour of the afterlife, but Bailong was still attached to this world. Bailong was still obsessed with his Dao Dan Do, and he wanted to use his own body.

Sha-wen does show up again in the Domain of Tao as one of the five-curse squad. The five-curse squad is Yuan Tao's bodyguards. They are corpses scientifically modified, and Sha-Wen's soul was put in a young body. Bailong destroys it with a move called satellite drop.

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