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Character Profile: Tamra

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tamra Tamao Tamamura(たまお 玉村) Tamra (Shaman King)
Human Human
Female Female
10 or 13 years old(born June 17, 1988 or 1985)(see below) 10 or 13 years old(born June 17, 1988 or 1985)(see below)
Pink Pink
Red Red
Shaman in-training Shaman in-training
"Yoh, this is for good luck." "Yoh, this is for good luck."
Veronica Taylor Nana Mizuki(奈々 水樹)
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Tamra

Tamra is a very shy kid, and has a crush on Yoh Asakura. She is at the shrine when she first meets Morty and Ryo. She attacks them thinking that they were going to kill Yoh. It was only after she knocked out Ryo that she found out that they were Yoh's friends. Anna and Yoh's grandfather help her train her shaman abilities of fortune telling.

She has pink hair, about shoulder length and dresses in a tee shirt and grey colored pants.

Tamao's Age

I had someone tell me that Tamra is 13 years old. Apparently this comes from an episode when she's awake at night when Yoh is in the Tunnel of Tartarus and she's talking about when she was born 13 years ago and her friend that used to be an apprentice with her. If you have a clip or screenshot of this, please contact me.

Then I had someone else notify me that in beginning of the manga, her age is in fact eleven, but by the end of the manga she is 13 going on 14 years old. And then someone else told me that Tamra is actually 10 at the beginning of the manga and 11 at her debut, because she debuted in volume 6, not in volume 1. If you have additional information or confirmations, please contact me.

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