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Character Profile: Rio

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rio Ryunosuke Umemiya Rio (Shaman King)
  Ryu Umemiya
· · ·
Wooden Sword Rio Bokutou No Ryu(木刀 の 竜)("Ryu of the Wooden Sword")
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old(born December 24, 1982) 17 years old(born December 24, 1982)
Black(Pompadour) Black(Pompadour)
Black Black
Shaman/Former gang leader Shaman/Former gang leader
  "I'll teach him to fear me -- Bokuto no Ryu."
Sean Schemmel Masahiko Tanaka(田中 正彦)
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Rio

Rio was the leader of a band of outcasts called (in the English dub) the Dead Enders. The Dead Enders were always looking for the "Sacred Hang" (a "Best Place" if you will) to find where they belong. They tried the graveyard on Monument Hill, where Rio knocks over Amidamaru's tombstone and beats up Morty who was there to take pictures of Yoh with some spirits.

The next night, Yoh used Unity (Oversoul) with Amidamaru to beat Rio in battle (cutting off his hair). Rio and the Dead Enders retreat, leaving the graveyard. When Rio first met Len Tao, Len attacked him and his gang. Yoh saved them from Len, but when Yoh too was being over powered, Rio saved Yoh's life.

Inspired by Yoh, Rio decides to become a shaman himself and asks Yoh to train him. He tried his best, but Rio wasn't making any progress becoming a shaman and almost gave up. However, when a vengeful spirit named Tokagero invades his body, his shaman ability awakened.

He eventually left the Dead Enders to become a proper shaman. Now, trained by Mikihisa and with Tokagero (who was removed from Rio's body) as now his spirit partner, Rio has become a powerful shaman with a new mission in life. This mission is to win the shaman tournament, and get a girlfriend.

Note: Ryunosuke, Rio's name in the Japanese version, means "dragon".

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